It's Over.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Chloe and Victoria confront their husbands, Avery's upset with Nick, and Dylan appeals to Anita.

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Kevin confronts Chloe and Billy about flaunting their affair at Boulevard. They both roll their eyes. Kevin rants and Billy wishes Chloe luck with the rabid chipmunk. Chloe tells Kevin their marriage has completely fallen apart. Chloe tells Kevin she was holding Billy's hand because he is gambling again. Kevin wonders how she can forgive Billy and not him. She says Billy hasn't hurt anyone but himself. Kevin snaps that he doesn't want to change. "You loved me before." Chloe doesn't like the way he wants to live or Delia having a criminal as a role model. Kevin complains that being legit wasn't enough. Chloe wonders if he means enough money or enough fun. "It's over."

At home, Victoria tears up an illustration for her children's book. Billy arrives. She tells him she believes he's not having an affair with Chloe. Billy apologizes for lying to her. Victoria tells him he's sick. He let the addiction take over him and risked everything. Billy wants to overcome it but needs her help. She says her love wasn't enough to keep him straight. Billy tells her it's different now - he knows what he has to lose. Vikki says it's over. Billy insists he can fix this. She tells him to go. He has to save himself. He goes to kiss Johnny. After, Vikki tells him Johnny needs him to get his life together. Billy grabs his bag and goes.

Adam and Sharon bicker at Crimson Lights. He tells her picking up strangers is a band-aid on a broken bone. She says it's insane for him to be judging her. He insists he's not. Sharon informs him he's cold inside and hasn't moved on from Chelsea. After, Adam phones someone and asks if they're busy.

At work, Chelsea tells Anita it's not a good time, but Dylan wants to get all their cards on the table. Anita would like nothing more. Dylan tells her he loves Chelsea. As he goes on about what he loves about her, Anita appears to soften. Chelsea informs Dylan the only way to reach her mother is through dollar signs. Anita says it's not the only way - she tells Dylan to take care of them. She goes. Chelsea marvels that she might actually leave them alone. They talk about Dylan's extended family. He says he had a buddy in the service who was family, Sully. They discuss Anita and Jeffrey being grandparents. Chelsea says Jeffrey isn't as dangerous as Anita, who only cares about money. Dylan thinks the family bond matters.

Avery asks Nick, at the tackhouse, if Summer's in trouble. She's upset that he won't confide in her and wonders why she's even there. Avery goes on about the secrets she came into the relationship with - she shared it all with him and he still loved her. She wonders if he thinks she's incapable of being as loving and forgiving as he was to her. Nick says other people are affected by this and need to know before her. He will tell her before the wedding because she might not want to marry him after she knows. Avery is angry that he won't talk and doesn't think she can move forward with him and plan the wedding. Nick asks her to be patient.

Sharon kneels at Cassie's grave. She tells Cassie she misses and loves her and talks about what her life has become. She mentions Noah, Faith, and the paternity test. Sharon talks to a caretaker, who urges her to keep remembering the good times. She recalls the love of their family and remembers Cassie asking Nick if she could call him Daddy. Sharon misses being happy. "That's why I did what I did." She talks about Adam seeing her as an annoyance - she was really only loved by one person. "I miss you so much."

Adam meets Melanie at the Club. She wonders what he wants to work on. He says he it's a social dinner. He wants to move on from his ex-wife. Adam tries to get to know her, but she doesn't have much to offer. When she goes to the ladies room, Adam looks through her phone. Nearby, Chelsea tells Anita that Dylan wants her in the baby's life but warns her to stay in line. Anita loves her and baby but won't be knitting booties. Later, Anita sees Adam kiss Melanie.

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse with Faith and they watch Nick and Avery hug through the window. Faith tells Sharon she still loves her. Once inside, Faith won't answer Avery's questions. She demands Sharon and Nick take her up to bed. Avery's left standing alone.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan calls an old buddy named Stitch and asks him to call. On the patio, Kevin angrily takes off his wedding ring.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon asks Neil, "What about Tyler?" Neil says he fired Tyler. Lily snaps, "You did what?"

Noah tells Nick he doesn't have to cover with him, he knows what's going on.

Avery wonders to Jack if this is all about Summer graduating high school, and the two of them not being able to let go, or if it's more than that.

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