Welcome To Planet MacAvoy.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Adam learns Chelsea's engaged, Avery questions Sharon, and Phyllis interferes with Kyle and Summer.

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When Kyle leaves his suite to go to his car, Phyllis answers his phone. Summer asks why Phyllis is in Kyle's room so early in the morning. Phyllis says they were working and Kyle's in the shower.

In the Abbott living room, Summer hangs up and Jack, who overheard, tells her she sounds jealous. She's worried her mother will convince Kyle not to date her.

Kyle returns to the suite. Phyllis tells him Summer called but was turning off her phone. They resume working. Phyllis renders Kyle nearly speechless with a sensuous endorsement of their product. She mentions Summer and reminds Kyle he said he likes older women.

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse. Nick tells her Faith's not ready. Sharon urges Nick to open up to her. Avery comes down the stairs as Nick tells Sharon how great it is that she still cares. Nick goes upstairs. Avery asks Sharon why she's making herself so available to Nick. Sharon says she cares about him; their bond is very deep.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Billy that he and Chelsea are engaged. Kevin appears to confront Billy who assures him he's not sleeping with Chloe. He explains that Victoria's jacked up on hormones and saw him comforting Chloe. Kevin storms off. Billy talks to Dylan about his family and wedding plans. Dylan hasn't set a date - he doesn't want Avery to think he's stealing her thunder.

Chloe and Chelsea are loudly celebrating Chelsea's engagement at the Club when Adam appears. Chloe tells him Dylan and Chelsea are engaged. He says he's happy for her. Chloe keeps snarking so Chelsea asks her to go. Adam tells Chelsea he'll move on - it's more practical than waiting for her to change her mind. Chelsea says she loves Dylan. Adam promises not to cause trouble. Dylan appears. Adam congratulates them both and walks away. He runs into Anita and mentions Chelsea's engagement. Anita makes it clear she prefers Adam and his money to Dylan. Adam says the baby needs both its parents to love it unconditionally. Anita asks if he's that kind of parent. He says they'll never know. She replies, "Don't be too sure." Chelsea tells Anita to quit wasting Adam's time. Dylan wonders what he's missing. Chelsea informs Dylan her mother wants her to marry Adam's bank account.

Nick stops at the Abbott house to see Summer. She leaves Nick with Jack, who confides that Summer's worried Phyllis will undermine her relationship with Kyle. Nick mutters, "I sure hope so." Jack warns Nick that the pair are free to date, so unless he has a good reason they shouldn't be together, he doesn't want to have this conversation again. Summer listens.

At the hotel, Phyllis realizes Summer is calling Kyle's phone. She hits 'answer' and lets Summer overhear them talking about Kyle flirting with girls in bikinis at the shoot.

At the Abbott house, Summer calls Courtney - her mother is trying to ruin her life.

Sharon runs into the salesman from Boulevard at Crimson Lights. He invites her to call later. Adam appears and asks what she's doing. Sharon doesn't see how it concerns him. Adam has noticed her with two salesman in as many weeks. He suggests she end this behavior. They bicker. He muses that they were in love once. She says she's been in love and it wasn't with him. He realizes she means Nick. He tells her Nick's in her past, like Chelsea's in his; two failed marriages.

On the patio, Chloe confronts Kevin about not helping the homeless. He mentions Billy. Chloe denies an affair and says Kevin's avoiding the real issue; he clearly isn't interested in saving their marriage.

Nick returns to the tackhouse and Avery brings up Sharon. Nick says they'll always share a bond. Avery thinks she's acting almost clingy. Nick reassures her. Phyllis calls. She assures him when she's done with Kyle, Summer will be the last thing on his mind. Avery asks who called. Nick says it was work. She knows he's lying. He admits it, but still can't tell her what's going on. Avery tries to guess.

At work, Chelsea asks Dylan about setting a date. He thought they'd wrap things up before her due date. He talks about her becoming a great designer. She sobs. She didn't think this was how things would work out for her - it's like being on another planet. He welcomes her to Planet MacAvoy.

Billy leaves Victoria a message from Boulevard. He needs her and isn't sure he can beat this thing without her. He tosses his cards in the trash. Chloe comes in as he retrieves them. He admits he's gambling again. Chloe urges him to fix himself. She doesn't want Delia around it. She offers help. As they clasp hands, Kevin appears.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin asks Chloe why she can forgive Billy but not him.

Victoria reams Billy out about his gambling.

Avery is frustrated that Nick won't tell her what is bothering him. "If you don't believe in me why am I here?"

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