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Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Victoria confronts Chloe and Billy, Lauren asks Michael out, and Neil warns Lily.

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At home, Victoria ignores Billy's call. Abby arrives and offers Vikki a job at Jabot working with her and Lily. Vikki says she's writing a children's book. She confides that she thinks Billy's cheating with Chloe. Abby reminds her she's stuffed to the gills with hormones and could be overreacting. Abby suggests she go to Chloe.

At Boulevard, Jill overhears Billy leaving Victoria a message pleading with her to call him back. He tells Jill he's done something colossally stupid. Billy explains that Vikki thinks he's cheating because she overheard him planning to meet an old poker buddy. Jill is upset that he's gambling and asks if he's in debt. He says he's actually up and even won the restaurant. Jill warns him not to lose Victoria's trust.

At home, Michael and Lauren discuss how angry Fen was about her affair. They argue about Michael wanting to act on his anger toward Carmine. Lauren doesn't want Fen to see that and wants to focus on their marriage. Michael isn't so optimistic anymore. They decide to go on a 'first date' tonight. Later, Jill arrives. She tells Lauren she feels like a bad mother. Lauren can relate - Fen's not speaking to her. She tearfully confesses she let herself get involved with another man. JJill assures her she's not judging her and cites her own past mistakes. They talk about the important thing being what you learn.

Kevin finds Chloe at work and tells her he returned everything he stole. He asks her to come home. She thinks he's just going through the motions, and says he has to prove he wants to be a better person. Later, Billy arrives. Chloe apologizes for blubbering all over him about Kevin. Billy asks for her help. Victoria arrives. She complains that they're not even bothering to hide it. Chloe is confused. Billy chuckles that Victoria thinks they're having an affair. Victoria rants. Chloe and Billy try to reassure her. She storms off. Billy leaves, exasperated.

At the Club, Leslie and Neil read the latest blog. The person says they've never forgotten and never will. Neil muses that whoever this is, they obviously blame him for something and want him to pay. Leslie still wonders if Rose is involved. Neil doubts it. Leslie gets a call from Avery about the safety deposit box. Neil offers to come along. She thinks Tyler should too.

Lily arrives at Tyler's apartment and notices a pink bra on the sofa. She muses it looks like he has company. He wonders if it would bother her if he did. Lily thought he would make the campaign a priority. Tyler says Noah was the one entertaining. They bicker about his difference of opinion with Devon. She worked hard and doesn't want it all to have been for nothing. He says it wasn't. Neil and Leslie arrive. Lily leaves. Neil decides not to go with Tyler and Leslie to open the box.

At the station, Alex tells Paul the stolen goods were returned to the Heights. He's sent a team to get fingerprints. Later, Michael arrives and tells Paul he has a date tonight with a real knockout named Lauren. Paul snickers. He's glad they're trying. Paul suggests he not limit it to thirty days. Michael admits he was relieved to put off a hard decision. In the computer room, Alex wants Kevin's help figuring out why the thief would return stolen goods - he has the criminal mind. Kevin tells him to look elsewhere. Abby arrives. When Chloe appears, she confronts her about Billy. Kevin hears.

Neil finds Lily on the patio. He asks what she's doing. Lily complains about Devon messing with the vision she and Tyler devised. Neil wants Devon's input. Lily thinks he's pitting them against each other. Neil's more concerned about her and Tyler; she needs to take a step back, while she still can. He knows the line between her and Tyler was getting blurred and it's still happening. Lily hollers that she and Cane are fine. Neil hope she doesn't lose sight of what's important like he did.

Tyler and Leslie ponder over the contents of Gus' deposit box. They hate that his life has been reduced to an envelope. It's Gus' will.

Billy finds Victoria crying at home. He says he loves her. Billy swears on his father's grave that he hasn't been unfaithful and shows her his phone as proof.

Lauren meets Michael at Boulevard. They compliment each other and act like it's a first date. Champagne arrives. Neither of them ordered it. Lauren says, "Oh no."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam asks Avery, "There's not even a little part of you that hopes Dylan won't find true happiness with Chelsea?"

Chelsea tells Dylan she's happier than she's ever been in her life and just wishes this feeling could last forever. He asks, "Why can't it?"

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