Creative Differences.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Devon argues with Tyler, Avery asks Nick what's wrong, and Jill meets Hilary.

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Billy chats with Dylan at Crimson Lights. Avery appears as Dylan confides to Billy that things are moving along with Chelsea. Dylan tells Avery Billy's helping him with suppliers. Avery comments on Dylan and Chelsea and exits. Billy raises his eyebrows. He says you can have kids with any woman, but there's only one he wants to spend his life with. Dylan ponders. "Only one." Billy gets a text from Ken about a game. He talks to Dylan about his gambling. Dylan advises - never let anything get in between you and the woman you love.

Kyle gives Summer a modeling pep talk on the patio.

Phyllis phones Nick from the Abbott house. She hates spying on Summer and lying to Jack. Jack overhears her talking about fixing things. Phyllis covers. She talks about having to go to Chicago for work. Jack steps out, and returns to tell Phyllis he can't go with her. She suggests Kyle accompany her.

At work, Chelsea and Chloe talk about men. Chelsea says Dylan told her he loved her. Chloe's pleased. Devon arrives to work. Tyler enters saying he told them to go ahead with his designs. Devon is pissed and calls to stop it. Tyler grabs his phone. Kyle and Summer arrive and everyone gives Tyler and Devon space. They argue heatedly. Chloe suggests they knock it off. Chelsea complains that she can't bring Summer out while this is going on.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse talking to Nick about planning their wedding. He's a little taken aback, but assures her he hasn't changed his mind. He needs her in his life, especially now. Avery asks what's going on. He talks about causing pain to people he loves and says he wants to tell her but he's worried how she'll feel after she hears it. She thinks he's upset about her wanting a big wedding. He goes along with it. She offers to marry him there, in footy pajamas. "I think Summer would love that!" Nick sighs. He's not sure Summer will want to be part of it.

Kyle arrives at the Abbott house and learns he's going to Chicago with Phyllis. She wants to leave this afternoon. He says he can't - he has a meeting and dinner with Summer. Phyllis talks him into it. She calls Nick to update him. Later, Jack tells Phyllis he knows she's trying to separate Kyle and Summer. He muses that maybe Kyle will meet an older woman in Chicago and forget about her altogether - it would make their lives simpler. Phyllis says their lives are never going to be simple.

Jill joins Cane and Lily at Boulevard. She steps away for a call. Lily and Cane discuss Hilary and how beautiful and efficient she is. Lily gets a text about the fashion campaign and becomes distracted. Hilary arrives. Lily gets a call from Chloe pleading with her to come help - Devon and Tyler are having creative differences. Lily leaves. Cane walks her to the door. Jill appears and meets Hilary. Cane rejoins them and Hilary dazzles them both before leaving. Jill asks about Lily. Cane says she has things at Jabot that require her attention. Tyler enters. Cane and Jill share a look. Cane approaches Tyler and asks about the line. Cane says when Lily commits her heart to something she stays committed. Billy arrives. Jill apologizes for not getting to his restaurant sooner, and tells him she's proud. He's no longer the playboy who nearly gambled his life away. She talks to him about holding his head high - he's battled his demons and won, even Victor. Billy wonders if she's angling for a free meal. He calls Vikki to please call him back.

Lily arrives at Chelsea's work to find everyone gone but Devon. He complains that Tyler sent his mock-ups in without getting his input. Lily defends Tyler. Devon tells her to stop her obsession with Tyler. She denies being obsessed. Devon tells her to open her eyes and storms off.

At the tackhouse, Nick acts distracted after Phyllis' call. Avery gets upset and leaves. He stops her. He wants nothing getting in the way of wedding planning. They pick a date in August.

Chelsea arrives at Crimson Lights and complains to Dylan about how difficult creative types can be. He gives her the first cup of decaf. She marvels that Kevin tried to fix that for years. They talk about all the things he hasn't done that he wants to do. He says, "I haven't been married..." Nearby, Kyle and Summer discuss her career. She doesn't like the thought of leaving him. He says he has to cancel dinner to go out of town on business.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill promises not to judge Lauren, who tells her she's been involved with another man.

Victoria says to Billy and Chloe, "Here you are, yet again, in a place where anyone can walk in and see you."

Lily holds up a pink bra at Tyler's apartment. "Looks like you had company." He asks if it would bother her if he did.

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