This Will Kill Her.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Phyllis and Nick debate, Fen freaks out, and Traci talks to Jack.

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Kyle joins Jack at the Abbott house. Jack's proud of Kyle's latest deal and of him. Kyle learns Summer's not home and they talk about Nick's over-protectiveness. Kyle says whether Nick's okay with it or not, he's a part of Summer's life.

At the tackhouse, Phyllis and Nick bicker about telling Summer and Jack the truth. She thinks Nick wants to keep lying. Nick assures her he won't run from this, but he wants to protect Summer. "This will kill her." Phyllis says they have to tell them and becomes teary. She hollers that she hates him for doing this to them! Nick questions what Summer will do when she finds out he's not her father. Phyllis doesn't know - she went out of control before, but she can't lie to her. Nick wants to wait. Phyllis says he has to tell her. They agree to hold off until she's better equipped to handle it. Nick says Jack should know now. Phyllis mocks him wanting to tell Jack and expecting him not to tell Summer. He thanks her for holding off. She says she's all about what's best for her daughter and warns him she'll never forgive him - neither will Summer or Jack. They agree to work together to see Summer through it, but Phyllis balks at Nick's suggestion that he tell Avery. Nick agrees not to. He wonders how they can keep Summer away from Kyle. Phyllis has tonight under control. Nick says they have to put an end to it.

Michael runs into Summer at Crimson Lights. He mentions her and Fen being out late and getting together again tonight. Summer pretends it's true. After, Sharon comes in with Faith, who runs to Summer. She misses her and Noah. Summer has a chat with Faith and they pinky swear that they'll always be close sisters no matter where they live. Sharon takes Faith as Courtney arrives. Summer and Courtney talk about Kyle. Courtney wonders why she backed off on having sex. Summer says she wants it to be special, and admits she's a bit scared. Courtney warns her not to wait too long.

At Boulevard, Jack yaks to Traci about his brilliant son, Kyle, who acts humble. Traci tells Jack she hopes things are going great with Phyllis. She laughs about staying with Abby. They ask about her extending her stay. Jack hopes she's not avoiding going home. Kyle begs off. Jack tells Traci they need to talk. He wants to know what's really going on. Traci admits that things between her and Steve are serious enough that she's staying on. She's embarrassed. Traci explains tearfully that they've had a hard time since she lost Colleen - there's nothing worse than losing your child. Jack is supportive.

Fen arrives at home and sees Carmine kissing Lauren. He pulls Carmine off. Lauren sends Carmine packing. Fen asks if they're having an affair. Lauren hasn't yet answered when Michael appears. Fen blurts that he walked in on his mother kissing Carmine Basco. Lauren explains that he just showed up uninvited. Michael believes her. Fen demands to know if she was screwing around. Michael orders him to watch his tone. Lauren admits she made a mistake. Fen freaks out and goes off on Lauren. Michael hollers that he will not abuse his mother in this household. Fen wonders how Michael can defend her. Michael says he loves her. Lauren apologizes to Fen, who storms out. Michael says he'll make Carmine stay away. Lauren thinks that will make things worse; they should ignore him. Michael assures her Fen will come around. He thinks they're setting a good example.

At the Boulevard bar, Sharon and Carmine flirt. A man sits down and chats with her. Later, Fen shows up and confronts Carmine, who tries to convince him he's really his friend. Fen says everyone has betrayed him. Carmine texts Lauren. Jack wanders over to Sharon and the man steps away. They end up discussing Nick's issues with letting Summer grow up. They discuss Nick and Phyllis. Sharon says her connection with Nick is one thing she can count on.

Kyle spots Summer at Crimson Lights. Courtney exits. Kyle joins Summer and they make a dinner date. Fen arrives, sees them, and leaves again.

At home, Lauren tells Michael she got a text from Carmine. It says not to worry, he'll make Fen understand.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Billy he's no longer the playboy who nearly gambled his life away.

Devon says to Lily, "You've got to stop this." She asks, "Stop what?" He replies, "Your obsession with Tyler!"

Nick tells Avery he needs her in his life, especially now. She asks, "Nick, what's going on?"

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