The Disaster Brothers.

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Billy has a confession, Nick backs out and Michael gets optimistic.

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Billy is at home placing some bets over the phone when his wife returns. She says she knows what he's up to. Victoria accuses him of having an affair with Chloe. He insists she's all wrong. She's unsatisfied. Billy confesses he's in trouble... he's been gambling again. He unloads about it. She accuses him of using his addiction to cover up for screwing around on her. Billy was just afraid she wouldn't understand. Victoria is still skeptical.

Lauren spots Chloe sneaking into Crimson Lights. She's trying to avoid Kevin because their marriage is over. Lauren's sorry. "Did we marry the Disaster Brothers?" Chloe snarks. The redhead spots Carmine and prepares to run. Chloe interrogates and soon guesses Lauren's been hooking up with 'that piece of filth'. Lauren tells her 'soul sister' she just made a mistake she wishes she could erase. Chloe backs down. In the back, Alex and Sheryl drop by and start bickering with Kevin. He runs into the other room and corners his wife. She has nothing to say. Kev wants to be a better person for her and the baby. Chloe has an idea. She wants him to give back what he stole and help the homeless. Out back, Abby arrives. She sends Alex to get her a drink and then lectures Sheryl. Chavez listens in the doorway as Sheryl makes it clear they are only partners. She and Alex get called back to work.

Abby runs into Tyler at the club and he offers to have a drink with her. He regales her with tales of people being pounded on by bouncers. Alex arrives, sees them together and grunts. Eventually, he interrupts. Tyler walks off. Abby and Alex tease each other.

Michael gets home and finds Fenmore face down on the floor. He wakes him up and wonders if he's been smoking the weed. Fen was just sleeping. His father gets scared when he's so distant. Fenmore admits he's worried about his future. Michael tells him he used to be like that but Lauren saved his life. He's not going to let her slip away. Lauren arrives in time to hear this. She joins them. After Fen goes off, Lauren and Michael share a close moment. Once the lawyer gets called to work, they hold hands and she promises to wait up for him. She fluffs some pillows. Carmine shows up the second Michael is gone. He can't stop thinking about Lauren and says they are meant to be together. Carmine sticks his tongue in her mouth.

Michael drops by Crimson Lights to get cheesecake. He tells his brother he might have something to be happy about again.

At Glowworm, Neil shows Leslie the statement he wants to put online to confront his internet bully. She notices it contains a quote from Tennessee Williams and thinks she saw it somewhere else. She grabs the letter Rose wrote to Gus and notices the same quote is in it. He doesn't see the connection. She's determined to track down Rose to see if there is any connection.

Jack finds Summer at the club. She's half-asleep and starts yacking about how, maybe, he's meant to be with her mom after all... She wonders if Kyle is the guy for her. Jack tells her not to worry about that now.

Nick gets to the Abbott house to see Phyllis. She's determined that they tell Summer the truth tonight. "You have no other choice," she says. Jack and Summer soon arrive and are surprised to see Nick there. Summer assumes this is going to be another 'Kyle talk' and erupts. Nick starts explaining. She pouts and runs to her room. Nick's distraught and leaves. Jack wonders what's going on. She doesn't explain. Later, Jack reads for awhile until Summer comes down. He talks about his dad and assures her that her father means well.

Nick goes home, mopes and looks at the paternity test results. He crumples them up. Phyllis shows up and he tells her that he doesn't think he can ever tell Summer the truth.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"Are you having an affair with him?" Fenmore asks his mom.

"I hope you're staying because you want to be here and not because you're trying to avoid going home," Jack says.

"So you don't want to tell Summer that Jack's her father?" Phyllis asks Nick.

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