Fight Back.

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Dylan sorts out his feelings, Nikki questions Victor, and Cane interviews assistants.

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At Crimson Lights, Avery and Leslie sign the papers to open their own firm. Leslie has their first case lined up - it's her. She shows Avery a key to a safety deposit box that was her father's. Avery explains how she'll handle it for her. Leslie says its her chance to find out more about her father. Avery hopes the box doesn't have something she was never intended to see.

At Boulevard, Lily gives Neil a framed photo to replace the one that was stolen. Devon appears. He's having issues with Tyler on the campaign. Lily reminds him it's fashion, not music. Neil just wants a nice lunch with his kids, "Do you think that's possible?" Devon, looking at his phone, says not after what he just read. It's a journal entry about Devon getting sucked in by Tucker McCall. They wonder who's out to get Neil. Lily goes. Devon notes that the journal entries from the past pertain to events happening now. Leslie joins them. She wonders who Neil ticked off enough to want to hurt him. Devon goes. Leslie pledges support...and legal services. Neil is proud of her. Neil asks if she's sure about opening Gus' safety deposit box. Talk turns back to the burglary at Neil's being personal. Neil says he's ready to fight back.

In the GCAC foyer, Anita tells Adam she has something to tell's about Chelsea and the baby. She says Chelsea's starting to show. Adam scoffs. He says she's only concerned with Chelsea's bank account, not her happiness. Anita calls him a pompous ass.

Chelsea and Dylan, at her work, recover from her saying she loves him. She hopes he'll say he feels he same way. Dylan stammers that everything just happened so fast... Chelsea agrees. She just caught up in the fantasy of it all. Suddenly, she decides he's not in love with her because he's still in love with Avery. Chelsea wishes she'd never brought up the word. Anita bursts in to take Chelsea to lunch. Dylan goes. Chelsea learns Anita plans to tell Adam the truth about the baby. Chelsea also lets her know she realizes she sent flowers from Adam. Anita can see she loves Dylan but he's not the baby's daddy. She was wrong to keep Chelsea from Jeffrey and doesn't want her to make the same mistake. Anita says she can't stop her from telling Adam. Chelsea warns she will shut her out of her life completely.

Dylan finds Avery working at Crimson Lights and tells her he bought the place. She wishes him luck. He notices her ring and congratulates her too. He says not long ago he thought she was the only woman he'd ever love. She says she felt the same way about him. They talk about moving on. Dylan wonders if epic love can happen more than once. Later, Chelsea joins Dylan. He says he saw Avery earlier and stammers a lot before telling Chelsea he loves her.

Cane interviews possible assistants at the Club. He meets a candidate named Anne. She uses her smartphone as Cane talks and tells him she's a multi-tasker. She gets texts steadily. Cane texts her, "Your chances of getting this job are LOL." Later, Lily joins a frustrated Cane. He tells her to hang around while he interviews the next candidate. Hilary Curtis is very impressive. As she leaves, she introduces herself to Lily, whom she recognizes as the Face of Jabot. Lily tells Cane about the latest blog post.

Nikki finds Victor at Newman and tells him they should cancel their honeymoon trip. Nikki thinks Nick and Victoria need her here right now. Victor thinks they'll be fine. As Nikki asks Victor if he's concerned about leaving Adam in charge, Adam appears. Victor assures Adam he trusts him. Adam thinks it might be a test. Nikki leaves. Victor tells Adam everything will be fine and leaves too. Adam calls someone to tell them his father is going out of town and they need to talk. Later, Avery arrives and tells Adam she's leaving for private practice. Adam will miss her as a friend. She admits it's an unconventional friendship, and assures Adam he will meet someone. Adam thinks there's only one great love in a person's life.

Over dinner at the Club, Nikki wonders if Victor really does trust Adam. She agrees with Adam that it's a test.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria confronts Billy.

Carmine kisses Lauren at her apartment door.

Phyllis tells Nick they have to tell Jack he's Summer's biological father...tonight.

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