Some Habits Are Hard To Break.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Chelsea and Dylan grow closer, Adam makes Sharon cry, and Victoria is suspicious of Billy.

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Chelsea and Dylan wake up together at his place. She giggles that this is getting to be a habit. They kiss. Later, Chelsea feels the baby move. Dylan hugs her belly.

Gloria tells Chloe, at work, that she drummed up buzz for their line overseas and met with buyers. Chloe starts ranting about why Kevin can't get so hyped about making an honest living. She says he's destroying their marriage. Kevin arrives. Chloe's not interested in talking to him. Gloria's upset to hear Chloe's moved out. Chloe explains he was stealing. Glo reacts and Kevin guides her into the elevator. He asks Chloe to come home. She is done with his promises and with covering for him. Kevin goes berserk at the idea she'd turn him in. They argue. Chloe asks why she should believe he's stopped. She says the cops won't let this go, cries, and removes her ring. Later, Chelsea arrives and notices Chloe's upset. Chloe doesn't want to talk about it. She tells Chelsea to marry Dylan. Anita appears. She thinks Chelsea should remarry the baby's real daddy. Chelsea and Anita argue heatedly. Chelsea says love is all that matters and the baby will get plenty...from Dylan. Chloe and Chelsea get back to work. Chloe says she called it quits with Kevin. She and Delia need someone to count on and Kevin isn't that guy.

At home, Victoria asks Billy about who he's been texting. He claims he was checking sales figures and talks about how great it was to spend the night with her. He hopes they made a baby. She apologizes for jumping to conclusions; it's the hormones. They are about to head back to bed when his phone dings. He takes a raincheck. Later, Nikki arrives to tell Vikki she has a meeting with Traci's publisher about her book next week. Nikki says she can't make it; she'll be on her honeymoon. Victoria tells her she thinks something's going on with Billy; he seems emotionally distant and is working too hard to convince her everything is fine. She thinks Billy's having an affair. Nikki asks if it's possible she's overreacting. Vikki is sure he's hiding something. Nikki urges her to talk to him.

Sharon spots Adam at Boulevard and asks if he's meeting another brunette. They get into it about no one meaning anything to him except Chelsea. He says he owes her an apology. He's sorry for all of it. Sharon understands he's hurting and angry. She knows deep down he wants something more than meaningless sex; he wants to be loved. He thinks he wants it to be with her. "It can't happen." Sharon agrees. He's not worth loving. Billy overhears and remarks, "Ow." Adam and Billy bicker. Billy warns him Victor's love is conditional. Adam says Billy's thrilled that Victoria's too busy plotting his downfall to notice what Billy's been doing. They continue to insult and bait each other. Billy warns Adam that they had a deal and tells him to back off. Adam asks, "Or what?" Adam says he's holding all the cards. Billy calls him pathetic with no conscience and says he's calling his bluff. He hands him his phone.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan gets a call that the place is being searched for an investigation. Kevin complains that a cop has a personal vendetta against him. Dylan spots Sharon crying on the patio. She assures him she's okay, but admits that Adam brought her down. Dylan tells her life is too short, and encourages her to go have some fun. Gloria arrives and argues with Kevin about robbing houses being his plan 'B'. She wants him to make it right with Chloe. He thinks she's only worried about her job with Chloe and Chelsea. Glo says she's trying to help. Kevin says his family can't fix this.

Chloe approaches Billy at Boulevard to tell him she and Delia have moved back to Katherine's. She explains that she has to tell Delia it's over with Kevin; she'll be sad. Billy's supportive. He gives her a hug as Victoria enters.

Sharon meets Wayne at the Club. He's glad she called. She thinks they can have some fun. In the foyer, Anita is arranging to send flowers to Chelsea from Adam. Adam appears.

Dylan arrives at Chelsea's work to take her for lunch. He asks if she plans to wake up in his arms every morning. She quips that some habits are hard to break. He tells her not to try; she's only been out of his arms for an hour and he's started missing her. She says, "God I love you."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Lily and Devon, "I'd like to enjoy a nice lunch with my kids. Do you think that's possible?" Devon looks at his phone. "Not after what I just read."

Anita tells Adam she has something to tell him. It's about Chelsea and the baby.

Chelsea says to Dylan, "Of course you're not in love with me. You're still in love with Avery."

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