Plumber's Crack.

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Chloe comes to a realization, Nick gets the results, and Lily spends time with Cane.

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Alex greets his 'two favorite criminals', Chloe and Kevin, at Crimson Lights. He wonders if they know anything about another robbery at the Heights. Chloe sticks up for Kevin and gives him an alibi for 8:00 PM, but Alex recalls that Kevin left the station early. Kevin gives him permission to look around. Alex finds nothing and gets in Chloe's face about how well she knows Kevin. He leaves. Chloe realizes Kevin did it. "How could you do this to me?" Kevin says nothing will happen. She says he chose stealing stuff over her, and he's not a good example for Delia. "I don't want you around me or Delia anymore."

At the tackhouse, Nick reads the paternity test results and says out loud, "It's true." The paper says, "Not a match." Noah arrives and asks if he's okay. Nick says it's just a bill. Noah shows him photos from Summer's graduation. He marvels that they're a brother and sister who actually love each other. Nick notices a photo of Summer with Jack and Phyllis and sighs.

Summer kisses Kyle at the Abbott house and he reminds her their date's not until later. Phyllis and Jack arrive. They announce that Phyllis is moving in again and Summer will be too. Phyllis and Jack step aside and whisper that something is definitely going on. Phyllis suggests they trust them. Summer, meanwhile, whispers with Kyle about how awkward that was, and they agree to still meet later for a private dinner. Later, John appears to Jack and wonders why he's there. Jack talks about being a father and how it took him a while to follow John's lead.

A man watches Sharon at On The Boulevard. She's leaving a message for Nick, thanking him for inviting her to Summer's graduation. Nick appears and she asks what's up with him. Nick says it's nothing he can get into right now. Sharon says, "Let me help you." Nick says he's done something unforgivable. Sharon says she'd forgive him anything. Nick spots Kyle and realizes he's planning his dinner date with Summer. Kyle asks why he hates the idea of them being together. Nick says he's asked him man-to-man to walk away. Kyle leaves, saying it's Summer's night.

Tyler answers his door to Abby, who is pushing bags at him. She tells him the couch smells like wet goat. He asks who she is. She says she's the answer to his prayers. Tyler marvels that she's Noah's aunt. She has pillows, a dart board, and a lava lamp, and says their pool table and margarita machine is on order. Noah enters as Abby's leaving. Tyler says she's crazy. Noah talks about what he's going to do with his life. Tyler might have an idea. He offers him a job as a photographer's assistant. Noah says he'll think about it. Tyler hands him a plunger in the meantime. "I don't want to see any plumber's crack."

Phyllis talks to Summer about how glad she is that Summer has a good relationship with her and her father. Summer admits she has a date with Kyle. Phyllis says she knows what she's planning, but it's a big mistake. She suggests she have fun with her friends; Kyle can wait. Phyllis ignores a call from Nick as Summer pleads for her to trust her. Phyllis explains how difficult this is as a mother. She notices Nick left a message. Soon, Kyle arrives with flowers.

Lily and Cane talk at the Club about him taking more time away from work to spend time with her. She assures him she doesn't resent him taking the job at Chancellor. Cane asks about her new project with Abby. She says it's great. Cane feels like she misses her other project. Lily says this is a good fit. Cane knows she left the fashion line for them and he's grateful. Lily flashes to kissing Tyler. Cane takes another business call and Abby appears. She asks why she switched divisions. Lily says the fashion campaign became all-consuming. She admits there are some aspects she misses a lot. Cane returns and Abby chats with Tyler about his apartment as he arrives. Lily asks what they're talking about. Tyler tells Abby she'll have her hands full working with Lily, but her family comes first. Cane says it's true. Alex appears. Abby tells him she got them a room.

Nick takes a drink at Boulevard and takes off. The man watching Sharon offers to buy her a drink. She thanks Wayne for the drink, but says she has to go. He invites her to his room. She declines.

Nick arrives at the Abbott house, flashes to when Summer was born, and bangs on the door. Jack opens it. "Well if it isn't Summer's proud papa!"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At home, Michael is blindfolded. Lauren says there's nothing in the instructions that say 'take off your clothes'. Michael asks what the instructions say.

Summer says to Kyle, "I was thinking that we could get a hotel room together."

Phyllis joins Nick and Jack at the Abbott house. "I got here as quickly as I could. What was so urgent?"

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