Welcome Home.

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Dylan buys the coffee house, Adam has a party, and Avery talks to Phyllis.

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Kevin sulks as Dylan signs the papers at Crimson Lights. Chloe congratulates him. Kevin leaves for community service. Chelsea encourages Dylan. They smile at each other. When Dylan steps away, Chloe and Chelsea discuss their lives. Chloe thinks Chelsea, Dylan, and the baby have a good shot. She and Kevin need this fresh start. Later, Chloe cleans out a box in the back. Her catsuit is in there. She throws it out.

Vikki and Billy are at home. She tells him Dad’s expecting them at Adam’s. Billy asks, “Tonight?” She wonders if he has something better to do. He tells her he needs to be at the restaurant. Vikki says she’s going tonight to prove she’s let go. Billy says, “Or that you haven’t.” Vikki says Nikki wants them there. Billy slips away to call Ken to count him out tonight.

Phyllis tells Avery, at Boulevard, that she talked to Nick; a good old heart-to-heart. Phyllis adds that he made her dinner and it was nice. Avery’s glad they’re in a good place. She wonders if they’ll ever have a chance to be sisters. Phyllis muses that she always sees the glass as half-full.

At the Abbott house, Jack brings Traci’s bags downstairs. Abby listens as Traci says Phyllis can move back in now. Jack admits that Phyllis may have had cold feet and asks for advice from Traci since she and Steve are as solid as it gets. Abby abruptly exits. Phyllis arrives. She says Traci didn’t mention moving out when she came to apologize. Traci goes. Phyllis lets Jack know she’s ready to return. Jack welcomes her home.

Nikki and Nick discuss Summer’s graduation at the tackhouse. Nikki says Victor will enjoy sharing his big news with him. Nick says he may not be the only one with news.

Kevin and Alex puzzle over the blog mystery at the station. Alex decides to head over and get a list of the employees and guests but Kevin already has it. Kevin mentions selling Crimson Lights. Alex offers him a job as a computer specialist/geek. Kevin sniffs that it won’t keep his wife in diamonds.

At the penthouse, Adam lets Victor know he’s not expecting the family to show up. Melanie Daniels is there as Adam’s date. The doorbell goes; it’s Nikki and Nicholas. Nick tells Adam he’s got his reasons for showing up and he’s at the top of that list. Adam offers him a cheese cube. Nick says he came to give him props; he’s obviously the right Newman to run the company. Nick won’t do anything to disrupt their father/son relationship; besides it gives him and Victoria a chance to get out from Victor’s shadow. Nikki whispers to Victor that something’s going on with Nick. Avery arrives and notes Melanie holding Adam’s arm. Victor chastises Avery for sending her to Newman yesterday. Avery announces she’s opening her own practice. Abby, Victoria, and Billy are there. Victoria congratulates Adam on pulling off his coup. He says he couldn’t have done it without her. Nikki tells Vikki about her book idea. Traci will pitch it to her publisher. Vikki’s enthused. Victor announces that the company is once again in their sole possession. They toast. Nick announces that he and Avery are getting married. He asks if she’ll have him. She says yes. Vikki is disturbed that Billy wants to offer them condolences. Later, Nikki and Victor are the last to leave. Victor assures Nikki that Adam has no secret agenda. Adam tells someone on the phone that everything went according to plan.

Dylan and Chelsea discuss his plans for Crimson Lights at his place. The subject of names comes up. Chelsea wonders if he’s thought of any for their baby; she has several but they’re all girls names. She suggests Emily MacAvoy. Dylan’s moved that she wants to use his name and says his dad would have loved it. She lets him know she wants him with her for the delivery. He offers to take her home…or not. They kiss.

Abby is flirting with Alex at the station. He has to leave because of a burglary.

Kevin rejoins Chloe at Crimson Lights. She tells him she’s going to burn her catsuit. He is hiding some jewelry.

Avery asks Nick, at the tackhouse, why he asked her to marry him this way. Nick says he wanted to make a statement and admits he followed the advice he gave Phyllis about Jack. Avery says it doesn’t matter; the answer was always yes.

At home, Vikki complains to Billy about his secretive phone calls. He says he’s going to bed.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon encounters a half-naked girl at Noah’s new apartment.

Phyllis asks Summer what she’s plotting.

Nick receives the paternity test results.

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