Blackmail Or Bribery?

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Victor wants a party, Devon confronts Lily, and Lauren returns a gift.

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At the Club, Carmine phone orders chocolate-covered strawberries to be sent to Lauren.

On the patio, Lily questions Devon wanting to make changes to the campaign. Devon remarks that Tyler's having trouble letting go. Lily tells him she and Tyler spent countless nights on this campaign. Devon says he'll work it out with Tyler. He thinks Lily's given up enough for this project already. Tyler excuses himself to go meet Noah to sign their lease. Devon makes a point of mentioning the girls they met. Once alone, Devon and Lily bicker. Devon asks if anything happened between her and Tyler. Lily laughs, "No." She quit the campaign to spend more time with her family. Devon asks why she's not at home then.

At the tackhouse, Summer complains to Noah about him moving out without her. Sharon arrives. They tell her Nick's at The Underground with a plumber. Sharon talks to Summer about graduating. After, Summer tells Noah she's chosen to attend GCU. He thinks it's because of Kyle. Later, Courtney stops by. Summer gets a text from Kyle about celebrating tomorrow. Summer thinks it could be their first time.

At Newman, Victor suggests to Adam that they have a party tonight at his penthouse; he'll bring Nikki and his siblings. Adam thinks they should sign the contracts first. A woman appears. She's Melanie Daniels. Avery sent her with the final contracts. Victor's peeved about Avery sending her assistant. Later, the paperwork is signed. Melanie goes. Victor teases Adam about being 'distracted'. Adam wonders how Victor will get his siblings to their party; will he blackmail them or bribe them? Victor says children can be persuaded, and urges Adam not to work all the time and start a family of his own. Victor says anyone will do except Sharon.

Michael enters the house after a run. Lauren is relieved; she'd thought he'd left. Later, Lauren receives a delivery with a note that says 'Thank you for the memories'. She recalls Carmine feeding her chocolate-covered strawberries. Fen enters. Lauren tells him she has to go out. Michael appears and tells Fen they are trying to work things out. Fen doesn't look thrilled. Michael tells him you don't give up on the people you love. Fen thinks Michael believes they'll ultimately split up, so what's the point? Michael admits there might be issues they can't overcome.

Lauren slams Carmine's gift on the bar and reminds him they are over; he can't do things like this. Carmine asks if she's afraid he'll do something to ruin her marriage, or that she will? Carmine talks about their perfect day at Lake Geneva. Lauren pleads with him to stop. Later, Fen arrives. He wants to be friends with Carmine despite his parents' warnings. Carmine tells him about a woman who was completely into him but went back to her ex. Carmine says he needs to make her see he's not letting her go.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon's therapist overhears her leaving Nick a phone message. She suggests Sharon double her sessions because she's not listening to her. Sharon claims she was just offering him help. Her therapist clucks that she's terrified of being alone. Sharon denies it, but the therapist reminds her about Adam.

Tyler and Noah meet at their new place. Noah says the place needs a pool table. Tyler muses that it's a man cave. Noah jokes about Summer wanting to move in. Tyler says she's going to hit it big as a model. Noah laughs; maybe he should have moved in with her. They start to lift the old couch but Tyler stops to look at his phone. He then pretends it was nothing. They decide to keep the couch.

Still at Crimson Lights, Lily hangs up when Tyler doesn't answer her call. She then calls Cane to meet, but he's busy.

Lauren returns home. Michael asks if he wants to know where she's been. She admits she went to see Carmine to return a gift. Michael appreciates the truth.

At the Club, Sharon spots Adam greeting Melanie Daniels. When she gets a chance, she tells him that woman is just a substitute for Chelsea; he has trouble moving on. Adam pushes her against the wall and kisses her. "I'm not the one who has trouble moving on."

Summer and Courtney are at a clinic to get birth control.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery asks Phyllis if they'll ever have a chance to be sisters.

Dylan and Chelsea talk about the baby having his name.

Adam is surprised to see that Nikki and Nick have come to the party. Nick says he has his own reasons for showing up.

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