Fake Dad Jackpot.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Dylan has surprises for Chelsea, Kevin gets a lead, and Nikki has an idea.

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Vikki and Billy are with Johnny at home. Billy says he's going into work early. Once alone, Vikki asks Johnny, "Now what?" Nikki arrives and tells her it's okay to admit she misses working at Newman. Vikki just hates seeing Adam win. Nikki says Adam took something from her too; Victor's time. She thinks Victor and Adam have bonded. Nikki says they have found their passion, maybe it's time Victoria found hers. Nikki suggests she write a book of stories and illustrate it too.

Chelsea and Dylan wake up at his place. She slept better than she has in ages. He admits he got hardly any. They discuss Adam. Chelsea says she has to get to work. Dylan suggests she take the day off. She promises to take it easy. He says he'll check in with 'Lil Mac' later. They kiss. She leaves. Dylan phones someone. "I need your help."

Kevin hides what he's doing on the laptop at Crimson Lights from Chloe. She asks what he's doing. Kevin tells her he's helping Chavez. On the patio, Devon grills Tyler about why he didn't hook up last night. Tyler wants to talk business. They butt heads when Devon suggests changes to Lily's part of the campaign. Devon says he's always been about 'tweaking' and thinks his personal feelings for Lily are affecting his judgement.

Lily arrives at the station. Alex figures she's seen the latest blog post. In front of Leslie and Alex, Lily asks Neil, "Dad, how could you?" Neil acknowledges that they're his words. Lily's upset to hear they knew about this a couple of days ago. Neil explains it was from his journal and he wrote it many years ago; he doesn't think she's cheating on Cane. Leslie tells Lily that Neil is a victim. Neil tells them there was another post last night - a journal entry about his drinking that says he worries his choices will come back to haunt him. Alex thinks it's a warning. Kevin appears. He traced the location of the computer posting the journal entries. It's in Genoa City. Alex asks for the address while the others argue about confronting the person. Kevin says it's the public access computer at the GCAC. Alex calls for a warrant. Neil says you need a key card to access the business center so it was an employee or guest.

Abby and Traci greet Billy at Boulevard. Traci has moved in with Abby. Billy asks about Steve. Traci denies she came there to get away from him. Abby wants the real story. Traci finally admits she and Steve drifted apart after losing Colleen. Abby questions her avoiding him. At the bar, Dylan tells Billy he bought Crimson Lights. Billy warns him about Kevin's ethics. Dylan mentions how some nights at Boulevard it seemed like someone raided the cash register. Billy and Dylan have a conversation about raising kids and how unplanned things can work out well. Dylan goes, Billy takes cash from the register, and calls Ken to deal him in tonight at the Club. Vikki brings Johnny in for lunch since they won't see Billy until tonight. She asks who was on the phone but he deflects.

Chloe joins Chelsea at work. There's a spa basket for Chelsea from Dylan. Chloe says he's perfect. Chelsea tells her everything changed last night. She explains all about Adam and the hospital. She hopes he'll back off now since Dylan is starting to ask questions about why Adam thinks the baby's his. Chelsea tells Chloe she's falling in love with Dylan. Chloe eats chocolates and says Chelsea hit the fake dad jackpot. Chelsea hates lying to him. She gets a text that Dylan has a surprise for her. Chloe shoos her out.

Chelsea arrives at Dylan's place. The surprise is that he has a couch - a pullout couch - and better pillows. She says his chest was fine.

Abby arrives at the station to make plans with Alex. Abby tells him to hurry up and she'll find a place for the three of them to be alone. "You, me, and whatever."

Nikki and Traci meet at the Club. Nikki has a business proposition for her that involves Victoria.

Still at Crimson Lights, Tyler gets a call about signing the lease with Noah. Devon tells him to accept that Lily's no longer on this project. Tyler hollers that he doesn't need Devon telling him how to feel about Lily as she walks in.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily asks Devon why he's trying to alienate Tyler. Devon asks if something has happened between the two of them.

Carmine asks Lauren, "Are you afraid I'm going to do something to ruin your marriage, or at you?"

Victor tells Adam they'll have a party. He'll bring Nikki and Adam's siblings. Adam asks how he's going to do that this time. "Are you going to blackmail them or bribe them?"

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