Leave My Son Alone!

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Michael confronts Carmine, Victoria and Chelsea make a pact, and Sharon and Nick remember Cassie.

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At Boulevard, Billy takes money from the till, but gets a call from Victoria. He tells Ken he's out of the poker game, and puts the money back.

At home, Victoria leaves Billy a phone message asking where he is. Chelsea arrives and Victoria tells her she heard her telling Adam he's the father of her baby in the hospital. Chelsea feels ambushed. Victoria tells her they'll work together to keep it from him; she doesn't want Adam knowing he has a Newman heir. Chelsea is stunned to hear that Adam called her doctor. Billy arrives. Vikki says she invited Chelsea over to see Johnny. Chelsea exits. Billy questions Vikki, who asks where he was. He complains about her blowing off their evening for Victor and Adam. He produces masquerade ball masks and they reminisce, but Vikki mentions Victor. Billy rants that she's obsessed, and focusing all her attention on Adam instead of where it should be. She agrees it's getting way out of hand. She apologizes and Billy says, "Let's go make a baby." She says if they're successful, she'll be giving Victor something Adam can't; another Newman heir. Billy pushes her away. "Are you serious? Is that why you're doing this?" Billy tells her he won't be a stud pony so she can get one up on Adam.

At home on the phone, Adam tells Chelsea's doctor if they have to get her permission to release information then forget it. He looks at the dates in his calendar. Later, Chelsea arrives and tells him to stop trying to get her private medical information. She spots his calendar. Adam shows her the last night they made love, and recalls how she kept coming by wanting to tell him something after. Chelsea asks him to let it go and accept she's having another man's child. They establish that they want each other to be happy. She kisses his cheek. After, Adam has a vague flash of Chelsea in his hospital room.

Avery checks out Dylan's place and notices the cradle he's building. Dylan asks if she can recommend a lawyer to help deal with Adam. Avery muses that it must be tough for Adam to see Chelsea having a baby with another man after they lost theirs. Dylan says Adam accused Chelsea of lying about the baby's paternity. Avery asks whether Dylan is questioning it. Dylan's certain it's his baby. Talk turns to Avery and Nick. She's not sure what the future holds for them. Dylan says any child would be lucky to have her as a mother. Avery says his legal case is pretty simple.

At the apartment, Fen tells Michael and Lauren it was just kids from school who beat him up. Michael asks if it was about Summer. Fen says the guys won't bother him again after the way Carmine chased them away. Michael goes ballistic, saying that Carmine Basco is no friend of the family. Fen says he's cool. Michael icily forbids him from hanging around him. Later, Fen asks if they're getting a divorce. Michael says they're not. Fen goes to his room. Michael tells Lauren he really does think it's over. Lauren insists that Fen needs them to be a family. Michael agrees to pretend. Just then, Carmine texts Lauren to see how Fen is doing. Michael sees it and leaves. Fen tells Lauren if they are okay, he will be too. Lauren says marriage is hard and hugs him.

Kyle arrives at the penthouse to pick up Summer. She slips a condom in her purse.

Kyle and Summer have dinner at Boulevard and talk. He thinks she's grown up. Over at the bar, Michael grabs Carmine and growls to leave his son alone.

At the door of the penthouse, Kyle tells Summer they'll have dinner again soon and kisses her.

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse to get Nick. They talk about how it never gets easier to remember the day Cassie died. Sharon asks if he's okay. Nick says he's been thinking a lot about a decision he made that may have come back to haunt him. She wonders why he's not confiding in Avery. Nick says he's not talking to anyone about this right now. Sharon says if he wants to unburden himself, she's there.

At Cassie's grave, Nick and Sharon recall how Cassie was into poetry and anything romantic. They read one of her favorite poems. Sharon goes to the chapel and Nick talks to Cassie. He says if Summer turns out to be Jack's, he'll have lost a second daughter. He doesn't know if he's strong enough to face that. Sharon returns in time to hear Nick say he needs to get the paternity test to the lab and find out if Summer's his daughter.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin confronts Chloe about trying to sell the coffee house behind his back.

Victor listens as Adam asks Victoria to call a truce.

Dylan tells Chelsea he wants to come to the ultrasound, see the baby, and hear the heartbeat. It will make his day.

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