A Broken Record.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Traci confronts Phyllis, Victoria walks out, and Fen gets beaten up.

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Billy answers his door to Jack, who wants him to let Traci stay there, otherwise he could lose Phyllis. Jack tells Billy about Traci's interference. Billy says it's not a good time for Traci to stay there; they need their privacy. Jack pleads. Billy refuses.

At the Abbott house, Traci asks Phyllis if she's leaving because of her. Traci admits when things don't work out between them, Jack could go back to pills. She thinks it's practically guaranteed she'll hurt him again. Phyllis reminds her she was there during Jack's crisis, not Traci. Traci counters that she's now walking out on him. Phyllis tells Traci she's been a broken record. They bicker over why Phyllis is leaving. Phyllis says she doesn't want Jack to have to choose between them. Traci calls her out; she's afraid he wouldn't choose her. Phyllis leaves.

Victor visits Adam to let him know he told Victoria they're moving forward. He asks why Adam seems troubled. Adam admits he's concerned Victoria could be planning another coup. Victor says she thinks the same about him; they've much in common. Victor suggests they all sit down together and work this out.

Victoria and Nikki discuss her use of a private investigator at Boulevard. Nikki thinks Victor should handle Adam while Vikki focuses on growing her family. They debate. Nikki realizes Vikki feels left out. She reassures her. Victoria admits Victor asked her to have dinner with him and Adam. Nikki urges her to try. Victoria worries Victor is placating her. Dr. Costner checks in with Nikki and tells her she looks great. Vikki thinks he was flirting. Victor and Adam appear. Victoria says she won't join them; Billy's waiting. Adam mentions prioritizing so Victoria phones Billy to say she'll be late. Nikki leaves them to join Kurt at the bar. She talks to him about getting back in the dating game. Victor starts the meeting. He thinks Victoria should run Beauty of Nature. She snarks that he's placating her. Adam steps away to take a call. Victor tells Victoria she's being obstinate. She leaves and hears Adam on the phone saying he'll call the doctor back, he has questions about his wife's pregnancy. Adam returns to the table and complains about Victoria walking out.

At home, Lauren watches her wedding video. Michael appears and says he never imagined they'd end up here. Lauren sobs that she couldn't wait to marry him. She apologizes again. Michael's had it with 'sorrys'. He asks her why? She doesn't know. Lauren sobs that she hates herself more than he hates her. Michael says he could never hate her. She counters that he can't forgive her either. He wishes he could; he's tortured by images of her with Carmine. Michael leaves the room.

On the patio, Fen looks at a video of Kyle punching him on his phone. Carmine sits down. Fen tells him about his ass-kicking going viral. Carmine is understanding. He asks why Fen can't talk to his folks. Fen laughs; they have problems of their own. Fen explains to Carmine how he was set-up at the party. He says he'd never force a girl to have sex with him like his dad did. Carmine absorbs this stunning information about Michael. He leaves, and two teens come in to beat up Fen.

Still at Billy's house, Jack asks one more time for Billy to take Traci off his hands. Billy repeats that he's wooing his wife. Jack gets an idea and leaves. Billy calls Ken to see if he's still looking to run a game tonight. Later, Vikki arrives to an empty house. She phones Chelsea, and says they need to talk.

Phyllis arrives at her penthouse to find it in the dark; the electricity could be out for weeks. She's about to call the Club when Jack appears. He suggests she come back to his place. Phyllis accuses him of paying to have the electricity turned off. Jack says he'll make other accommodations for Traci. Phyllis tells him to phone and get the electricity on or he won't visit her bed.

Billy arrives at Boulevard for the poker game.

Jack arrives at home. Traci is sorry he's upset. He asks her to give him the chance to love Phyllis as well as her.

As Lauren asks Michael if he wants a divorce, Fen comes into the apartment doubled-over and beaten up.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea asks Victoria "What secret?" Victoria says, "He's the father of your baby."

Fen mentions Carmine's name. Lauren asks how he knows him. Michael says he doesn't want him hanging around with Carmine. Fen asks why not.

Sharon asks Nick if he's okay. He says he's been thinking a lot about a decision he made a long time ago.

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