Golden Child.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Adam confronts Chelsea, Lily makes an offer, and Neil is shocked.

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Billy flirts with Victoria who is working at home. She rebuffs him. She's fixated on Adam warning her about digging up secrets. She wonders what information he could have to blackmail them with. Later, Victor stops by to tell Victoria that Adam's buying the company back for them. Vikki says he's chosen Adam over her. She rants about Adam being the golden child and they argue about Billy. She is outraged that Victor doesn't even know where Adam got the funds. Victor needs her by his side. She realizes he doesn't trust Adam either. He insists he hasn't lost faith in Adam and wants her to sit down and work something out with them. She agrees to consider it.

At home, Adam counts the days since he slept with Chelsea. Billy arrives and warns Adam to back off his wife; he's got nothing on them. Adam wonders if he told Victoria how he won the restaurant in a game of poker. Billy says it was a one-time thing. Adam says he was also in Ken's suite last week; he doesn't think Billy will get a free pass this time. Billy wants to keep Adam's big mouth shut. Adam tells Billy to get Victoria off his back.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin continue to bicker over what he did. He admits he stole for kicks, but also because the coffee house is in trouble. She suggests he sell it. Kevin refuses. Later, Chloe goes through past due notices and then calls to get the coffee house appraised.

Chelsea tells Dylan, at work, that Adam is out of her life. Dylan says they'll always be connected by their shared past. The upside is if Adam hadn't made her miserable, they wouldn't be raising a kid together. They joke around. Dylan goes for Chinese food. Adam appears. He apologizes for earlier and offers her and Dylan the penthouse. She says Dylan has a place and she'll figure something out. Adam says she better hurry up, it looks like things are moving faster than she expected. He wants to know if she's carrying his baby. He thinks she's punishing him and talks about what they could have. She tells him to accept it's not his baby. Dylan returns. Adam leaves. Chloe appears. Dylan tells her Chelsea could use a friend, and goes. Chelsea tells her everything is about to blow up; Adam is going to find out the truth. Chloe says she has to protect herself by getting Dylan to marry her.

On the patio, Tyler tells Leslie that Lily stopped herself as she began to admit feelings for him. Leslie says even if that's true, it doesn't mean he has a chance with her. Leslie warns him not to open his heart to Lily, and to find someone other than her to talk to.

Lily leaves the Club after telling Cane and Jill about Tyler quitting Jabot. Cane then asks Jill where she wants to start. She says, "How about with your marriage." Jill irritates Cane by remarking on Lily's concern about Tyler leaving. Cane tries to change the subject but Jill is determined to act like a mother. He says he trusts his wife; he didn't like being a jealous person. Jill thinks he must be glad they're no longer working together.

At Boulevard, Lily tells Neil that Tyler resigned. He asks what happened between them. Lily scoffs. They discuss who will help her. Lily doesn't want Devon, who's not into fashion. She has an idea that might work. Neil goes. Lily calls Tyler to meet her. He arrives and she says she has a proposition for him. She offers to walk away from the project if he'll come back.

At the station, Kevin learns he'll be doing data entry. Alex chuckles. Neil comes in, followed by Leslie. Neil tells Alex that another passage from his journal was posted online. They read the entry which is about Lily turning to Daniel when things got difficult with Cane. Kevin says he can find the source; he's already done it. The domain is registered to NEWBiz Incorporated. Neil is shocked; it's his corporation!

Billy returns home. Ken calls. Billy refuses to let him play poker at his restaurant.

Victoria meets a P.I. at the Club. She says Adam running Newman must be temporary. She wants solid information to use against him.

Adam arrives home to find Dylan waiting. He tells Adam to back off of Chelsea. Adam calls Chelsea's doctor saying he has concerns about her pregnancy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Traci warns Phyllis when things don't work out between her and Jack, he could go back on pills.

Nikki cautions Victoria against starting a war with Adam.

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