Safe Haven.

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Phyllis busts Summer, Michael can't forget, and Sharon admits she's lost.

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At Phyllis' penthouse, Fen tries to hit Kyle with a candlestick. Kyle takes it and punches him. Phyllis bursts in. Fen accuses Summer of wanting Kyle to walk in at that exact moment. Phyllis throws everyone else out and demands answers. Kyle says Summer texted him that she was in trouble and Fen was all over her. Fen protests. Phyllis smells alcohol on Fen and asks what he was doing to her daughter. Fen says he was dared to kiss Summer, who only protested when Kyle appeared. Phyllis says she's calling Nick. Kyle tells Summer it wasn't cool to lie to get him there.

Alex and Abby arrive at On The Boulevard and spot Carmine. Abby asks what happened to his neck. Carmine claims it was a customer. Alex gets called away. Abby asks Carmine, "Whose husband did you piss off?" Carmine asks what it's like dating a cop - lots of handcuff action? Abby wonders if he was stupid enough to mess with Lauren. Carmine wonders why she's playing around with another guy whose salary is what she spends on a pair of shoes. Abby warns him to break it off with Lauren.

At home, Michael pulls away from Lauren's kiss. He cries and then gets angry. "When I look at you, I see you with Carmine." Lauren complains that he once said their marriage could survive anything. She sobs. "Tell me what to do." He tells her to leave him alone.

At the tackhouse, Nick hides the DNA paper when Sharon arrives. They talk about how Cassie's death changed everything for both of them. Sharon wonders if there is something else going on with him. He asks about her. She admits she doesn't like how her meds make her feel. Nick makes a cryptic comment. She asks again what's bothering him. Nick gets a call from Phyllis and tells Sharon he has to go. They agree they're still on for tomorrow.

Michael and Lauren arrive at the penthouse and get up to speed on Fen and the candlestick. Michael hollers at Fen. Lauren intervenes, but Michael yells at her to let him handle it. Nick arrives. Summer says things got out of hand. Fen says she wanted them to. Michael and Lauren leave with Fen. Nick lectures Summer about lying and using alcohol and demands her car keys. Kyle tells Nick to ease up on her. He questions why Nick's so opposed to the idea of him being with Summer anyway. Phyllis puts Kyle out. Summer also asks about Kyle. Phyllis agrees it's a bit much. Nick complains that Kyle will break her heart. Summer says he assumes the worst. Nick leaves with her keys. Summer tells Phyllis she wants to take chances - she wants to try. Later, Summer tells Courtney by phone that Kyle totally wants her now.

Sharon runs into her therapist at Crimson Lights and acts upbeat. When she mentions Adam, Sharon tears up and whispers, "It's happening again. I'm so lost." They sit down and talk about Adam letting her down. The therapist says she can get through it. Sharon would rather just go back in time. They talk about love being her safe haven. Sharon talks about missing Cassie - a piece of her soul is gone.

Abby rejoins Alex at the station. He's with Paul, who listens as Abby tells Alex that Carmine tangled with a jealous husband.

At home, Fen explains to Michael and Lauren how Summer set him up so she could be rescued by Kyle. They say his heart will mend. Fen says they're lying to his face. Lauren tries again with Michael, but he leaves. Carmine texts that he misses her. Fen reappears. Lauren tells Fen she made a mistake. Fen asks if they're getting divorced.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Traci bicker about Phyllis' motives for moving out. Traci says she will never give Jack everything he needs. Later, Jack leaves Phyllis a message wanting her to move back in and stares at the alcohol on the table. He puts it away. Traci reappears and invites him to a movie. He declines. Kyle arrives as she leaves. Kyle tells Jack about Fen and Nick being all over him again. Kyle admits he may be interested in Summer after all - he doesn't see what the problem is.

Paul arrives at On The Boulevard and confronts Carmine who is taking a drink. Paul warns Carmine he's thinking of starting a stalking taskforce. "Stay away from Lauren, for good."

At Crimson Lights, Michael sets the pack of matches on fire and watches the flame.

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse and tells Nick he has to loosen the reins - Summer wants to experience life. Once alone, Nick calls to pick up a paternity test kit.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler tells Lily he's resigning from Jabot. Lily says he can't quit - she won't let him.

Jill talks to Cane about scheming and strategizing behind her back.

Adam looks on as Avery bumps into Dylan and Chelsea and tells her she's glowing - and starting to show.

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