Truth Or Dare.

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Summer has big plans, Nick worries, and Michael and Lauren reconnect.

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At the Abbott house, Traci talks to Jack about working too hard, Phyllis, and Nick coming down on Kyle. Jack recalls when they were concerned about Colleen dating older guy, JT Hellstrom. He says the difference is Kyle's not interested in Summer. Traci and Jack start bickering about Phyllis and whether Nick could come between them again. Jack says Phyllis has learned from her mistakes. Traci says he seems to have this figured out. John appears and mockingly repeats what Traci said. Jack and John argue about Phyllis. John wonders if everything is under control, why is he there?

At home, Lauren helps Fen get ready for prom. Lauren tells him to forget about his parents and have the best time tonight.

Kevin signs his community service papers at Crimson Lights. Michael warns him to clean up his act and then turns to see Carmine. Kevin tells Carmine to go. On the patio, Carmine sees Lauren. She asks if he's following her. Inside, Michael tells Kevin that Carmine's sleeping with his wife. Meanwhile, Carmine tells Lauren he wants her. Lauren says it won't work - he's not Michael. Michael confronts Carmine after Lauren leaves. Carmine says Lauren and Fen deserve better than how he treated them. Michael grabs him by the throat. Kevin breaks it up.

At the tackhouse, Phyllis and Nick discuss Summer growing up. Phyllis reassures him. Summer comes downstairs in her prom dress. Phyllis steps away and Nick apologizes for being overprotective. They make plans to spend time together. Fen arrives and Phyllis takes photos. Summer pulls Fen outside and tells him they're not going to prom - she made other plans. Inside, Phyllis and Nick talk about Summer going to Avery for advice. Nick thinks she doesn't have to fear Avery's reaction. They discuss Summer wanting to have sex. Nick wants to prevent her doing something that will come back to haunt her. Phyllis says Summer will make mistakes. She asks about his engagement. Nick says they realized it's important to be sure.

Summer and Fen arrive at Phyllis' old penthouse where Courtney has a party underway. Courtney and Summer talk about having Kyle coming to Summer's rescue.

Nick visits Cassie's grave. He was thinking about her tonight. He cries. "Losing you nearly killed me. I can't go through it again. I can't lose another daughter." He talks about protecting Summer from mistakes - it's his job as her father to keep her safe.

Alex, Abby, and Kyle are at the Spring fair in the fortune teller's tent. Kyle and Abby discuss Nick going off on him over Summer. He wonders what his problem is anyway. Kyle decides to leave but the psychic stops him. After telling Abby she loves the opposite sex, she says the young man with the chin will have many big obstacles in his path for love. Kyle gets a text and leaves.

Phyllis arrives at the Abbott house and tells Jack they rushed this - she's moving out, tonight. Later, Jack brings Traci up to speed. Traci says maybe down the line they'll come together even stronger, if not, he'll know now.

Michael arrives at home. Lauren tells him Fen went to prom. She says she gambled with their marriage and lost it all. Michael asks, "What if you haven't?" She asks if he could forgive her. He's willing to try. They kiss, but Michael flashes to her kissing Carmine.

Alex and Abby arrive at Crimson Lights laughing about the medium. Alex tells Kevin the only reason his butt's not in jail is because of Michael. He warns he won't be able to fix everything.

At Phyllis' penthouse, the party-goers play Truth or Dare. Fen is dared to make-out with Summer. He is on top of her when Kyle arrives. Kyle pulls Fen off of her.

At the tackhouse, Nick recalls the DNA testing on Summer, and telling Phyllis he was the father. He pulls out the paper and reads it - the test was corrupted and the paternity could not be verified. Nick stares at Summer's hairbrush.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis asks Fen, "What were you doing to my daughter?"

Sharon says to Nick, "Cassie's death changed everything." He replies, "For both of us."

Paul tells Carmine to stay away from Lauren - for good.

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