Goo-Goo Eyes.

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Chelsea and Dylan get closer, Victor makes a request, and Summer plots with Courtney.

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At the station, Chloe listens as Michael tells Kevin he's lucky Christine is cutting him a deal. Chloe rants at her husband. Kevin says he's sorry, but she doesn't think that will cut it. She storms off. Fen appears wanting to talk to Michael. Fen talks about Summer having another guy. Michael doesn't think Summer is appropriate to date anyway. Fen asks if Michael will date someone more appropriate than Mom. He feels his life is a hole. Michael reassures him. Fen isn't sure he wants someone special - they'd probably end up like him and Mom.

At On The Boulevard, Adam thanks Sharon for listening last night. Victor and Nikki sit down nearby. They discuss Adam. Victor admits they've reached an impasse on a certain issue. Adam kisses Sharon and leaves. Victor tells Nikki he thinks he's found a solution, and leaves. Noah arrives and chats with Sharon about his life and romance. Nikki interrupts to hug Noah. Once alone, Sharon tells Nikki she's sorry about her diagnosis. Nikki doesn't need her pity - her life is fuller than Sharon's. They bicker.

Chelsea meets Dylan at Crimson Lights. She says he didn't tell her where they were going. He grins. "You'll have to trust me." Nearby, Summer and Courtney agree tonight will be great as long as Nick doesn't figure it out. They are still plotting when Noah appears. He asks Summer to tell him what they're up to so he can talk her out of it. They call him old. He remembers what prom was like but doesn't want them getting hurt. Noah steps away and Courtney tells Summer she's into him. Fen arrives. Courtney tells him Summer needs a prom date. He agrees. Summer thinks it's going to be an awesome night.

Avery visits Nick at the tackhouse to make sure things are okay. He says they're not. Avery starts rambling about them sleeping together. Nick stops her - there is stuff he has to figure out, but it's nothing to do with them. Avery learns it's about Summer. He says nothing can happen with her and Kyle - ever. Avery tries to reassure him. He says his past is starting to come back and he's concerned. Nick wonders if Avery loves him, no matter what he's done. Avery knows his soul and says he can tell her anything. Nick says he has something to tell her after he deals with an issue first.

At the penthouse, Victor and Adam bicker about the funding issue. Adam wants his trust. Victor says he's right - he will allow the outside source of funding. In return, Victor wants Adam to show him an act of faith by cutting Sharon out of his life. Adam shrugs that she doesn't work for him, and they aren't married. They debate. Victor says Sharon has damaged the Newman family - if he wants him to approve the funding he has to get rid of Sharon. Victor advises that Sharon is not the right woman for him - to have his children. He adds that Chelsea has trapped two men with pregnancies - thankfully it's not him. Adam is touchy. Victor tells him to get back to him once he's removed Sharon from his life. Sharon arrives. Adam tells her it's not a good time. She asks if it's over. He says it had to end sometime. He's not interested anymore. Sharon tears up thinking of all the times she defended him. "You really are the bastard everyone says you are, and I'm the fool they say I am."

Dylan shows Cheslea around the warehouse apartment he bought. She asks, "What will this space be?" He tells her, "My bedroom." Awkwardness ensues. Dylan pulls out a picnic lunch. Chelsea's impressed. They talk about whether he'll spoil the child too. Chelsea invites him to talk about being deployed. He says he's there for her too if she needs to talk. Dylan mentions Adam's money. Chelsea says it's most important that the baby will have unconditional love. "This is dining in style."

Kevin tries to explain to Chloe about the stealing at Crimson Lights. She's insulted that he had to do it to have sex with her. Kevin asks how he can make it right. Chloe says she'll never forget what he did. Kevin won't give up - she and Delia are his life. He leaves. Chelsea and Dylan return from their date and kiss goodbye. Chloe asks Chelsea about her goo-goo eyes. Chelsea says Dylan will be the baby's father forever - no one will ever know the truth.

Victor rejoins Nikki at the restaurant. Sharon enters crying.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Jack it's not like they're breaking up - she's just moving out.

Kevin asks Michael, "What's Carmine done now?" Michael replies, "He's sleeping with my wife."

Lauren asks Carmine what he's doing. "Were you following me?"

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