Power Games.

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Adam and Victor butt heads, Billy is nearly found out, and Cane and Lily have a romantic evening.

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Lily and Cane kiss at On The Boulevard. Neil, Leslie, and Tyler arrive. Someone snaps a photo of Neil and the Rogans. Later, Devon interrupts Cane and Lily, who have resumed their date, to get papers signed. Lily is upset, but talks to Devon about how much he misses music while Cane's on a call. She suggests Devon go to work with Tucker - Neil will understand. Devon leaves and Cane and Lily kiss. Nearby, Gus, Leslie, and Neil toast to Gus and discuss Rose. Leslie says it's clear she cared about Gus. Neil excuses himself. Tyler thinks Leslie should let go of the Rose stuff. Leslie catches him watching Lily and Cane. He sighs that she's happily married. Leslie reminds him about Mariah - the love of his life who stomped his heart into the ground. She thinks Lily reminds him of her. Tyler says maybe, but he genuinely cares for Lily. Neil talks to Devon by the door about how lucky he is to have him in his life and to see him every day.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Traci she is trying to be her friend. Traci reminds her that in the past she's hurt Jack. Phyllis guesses she can't change her mind. Jack appears. Phyllis leaves. Jack tells Traci how Phyllis was there for every ugly step of his withdrawal. Traci recalls how she got hooked on diet pills trying to impress Danny. Jack remembers that she crashed her car and got arrested. He says he hit rock bottom too, but he had Phyllis.

Victor visits Adam at home. He still wants answers about the funding. Adam asks Victor to trust him. Adam adds that this is business; if Victor doesn't agree with it, maybe he should back off of their partnership and Adam will run things again. Victor says he's beginning to question his judgement. He opens the door - Sharon's there. Adam kisses her. Victor leaves. Adam admits to Sharon he kissed her to show Victor he's his own man. Sharon doesn't want to be in their game. Adam tells Sharon when he needs more from Victor, he pulls away. Sharon says it's the control thing. "When it comes to power games, Victor's the master." Adam will find a way to out-master him. Later, Sharon and Adam debate about whether Victor has helped him or not.

Victoria looks at lingerie in a bag at home and calls Billy, who assures her he'll be home in time for their project.

In a suite at the Club, Billy tells the men he's with to deal him in for a few more hands.

Phyllis spots Avery at Crimson Lights and asks about her missing ring. Avery says they're taking their time. Phyllis thinks Nick called off the engagement. She says she's glad to be with Jack, who isn't afraid to move on with his life. Avery says they're just slowing down. Phyllis taunts not to slow down too much, it might be hard to kick back into action.

Abby arrives at Victoria's place and admits she told Victor about their meeting. They discuss Adam. Victoria says they have to wait for him to screw up. Abby realizes she's barged in on a romantic scenario. They discuss balancing family and work. Abby realizes she's trying to get pregnant and is excited. Abby says she was just at the restaurant and Billy wasn't there.

Still at the poker game, Billy loses the hand. He sees Victoria's calling and says he's leaving. The guy asks does he want to win his money back? Billy heads downstairs and lies to Victoria by phone that he's leaving On The Boulevard right now. Victor overhears and confronts him. Billy covers, but Victor's not buying it.

Abby and Traci happily greet each other at Jack's place. Jack loves seeing family in the house again. "I like it." John appears. "So do I." John says Jack should have more of this; more family in the house. It makes him happy. John says he feels John's presence. Traci feels him too. Phyllis returns. She tells Jack she should move out and asks if he'd choose her over family. Jack says she is his family.

Billy arrives at home and Victoria grills him about lying. She wants to know where he was. Billy produces her favorite dessert from the Club, and distracts her with ovulation talk.

At home in bed, Lily's happy Cane chose her over work. He goes to shower. She gets a text from Tyler wanting to meet in the morning.

Someone snaps photos of Tyler as he sits alone at the restaurant.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Dylan, "You didn't say where we're going." He admits he didn't. "You're just going to have to trust me."

Adam tells Victor, "I can move on this right away." Victor says in return, he expects Adam to show him an act of faith.

Noah says to Summer, "Tell me what you're up to so I can talk you out of it."

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