Swallowed It Whole.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Tyler struggles, Chloe confronts Kevin, and Victoria gets information.

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Chelsea greets Dylan at Crimson Lights. They agree last night was the best goodnight kiss they've had for a while. She looks at the nursery he's designing for his new place and joins in. Dylan asks if she's free tomorrow night.

At home, Victoria is hoping Billy will take the day shift today - it's ovulation time tonight. Billy's surprised she's still thinking about getting pregnant what with the power struggle at Newman. Vikki says she still wants a baby - or two. She asks if he's changed his mind. He says no, but he's missing the romance. When he heads upstairs she takes a call from her P.I.

At the Club, Victor wants Adam to tell him how he got the funding to buy the company back. Victoria passes by and sits with her P.I. She thanks him for getting what she needs. Adam watches her as Victor continues questioning him. Adam insists he'd never put them at risk. He leaves and Victoria joins Victor. He asks who the man was, and Victoria says he's helping with arrangements for her family's future. By the door, Adam and Nate pretend to discuss fishing. Adam asks if anything's biting. Nate says she swallowed it whole. Once alone, Victor calls the head of finance to find out how Adam got the money.

Michael gets Chloe out on bail at the station. She hollers at Kevin about spending the night in a cell. Michael steps out and Chloe reads Kevin the riot act, calling him a selfish coward. Kevin says he can't get over being locked up before. Chloe's beyond angry and disappointed. Kevin talks about pinning it on someone else. Chloe storms out. Meanwhile, Paul notices Michael ignoring Lauren's calls. Michael asks if he's supposed to tell Fenmore that his mother ditched them for a bartender with a hot body and the brain of a pitted olive? Paul admits he talked to Lauren about it. Michael's upset. Paul still wants him to fight for the marriage. After, Kevin tells Michael he's ready to confess. Michael warns him to think long and hard - this could involve serious jail time.

Lily finds Tyler in his suite and asks why he's blowing off her calls and work. She accuses him of partying with models. Tyler tells her his father is dead. They hug. Leslie arrives. She says the funeral is today and she's going to Milwaukee. Tyler doesn't want to go. She says she'll be downstairs. Lily tells Tyler that Leslie needs him and urges him to open up about his feelings.

Neil meets Leslie at the Club dining room. He wants to go with her. She embraces him. They are talking about Tyler when Lily appears and says he'll be going with them. Leslie thanks her for being supportive. They go upstairs to get Tyler, but he's gone.

At the restaurant, an old gambling acquaintance invites Billy to a game later. Billy says he has plans. The guy leaves his suite number in case. Dylan arrives and asks Billy for more hours since he has a baby on the way. Dylan goes on about how excited he is for colic and diaper duty. Billy decides to take off.

Chloe tells Chelsea, at Crimson Lights, what happened to her. She says Kevin always looks out for himself first. Lily appears and says Tyler won't be in today. Chloe rants about him not being committed to the job. She and Lily argue heatedly until Chelsea screams at them to stop. She tells Lily that Chloe's having a bad day. Chloe ignores a call from Kevin.

In handcuffs at the station, Kevin leaves Chloe a message and Paul takes him to booking.

Tyler is at his mother's grave talking to her about life since she died and Gus. He misses her. Leslie and Neil appear. Neil goes to tell the chaplain they've arrived. Tyler says he hopes Mom and Dad finally find peace. Leslie hopes they do too.

Victoria confronts Adam at his penthouse about offshore accounts. He says this could destroy his career and offers to step down from Newman. Victoria throws the papers at him. "How stupid do you think I am?" She realized he duped her and vows to find out what he's hiding. He warns her to be careful digging for secrets - you don't know what you'll find.

Billy arrives at the gambler's suite, saying he'll only stay a couple of hours.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack attempts to plead Phyllis' case to Traci.

Cane and Lily have a romantic evening together.

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