You Can't Unmake That Bed.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Michael knows about Carmine, Dylan advises Nick, and Traci's on a mission.

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Avery meets Dylan at the Club and returns his dog tags. She says she hangs onto things too long. Nick appears. "You gotta' be kidding me." Avery explains she was returning the dog tags because she wants to move forward. Nick apologizes and goes to work out. Dylan tells Avery he knows it's hard for her - it's hard for him too. After, Dylan finds Nick in the gym and says it's time they settled this. Dylan tells Nick that Avery has convinced him she's more in love with Nick - if he can't see that, he'll lose her. Dylan urges him not to let her slip away.

At the Abbott house, Traci grills Jack about Phyllis moving in. Phyllis overhears Traci remind him that she hurt him before - badly - and could hurt him again. She interrupts their bickering and leaves for work. Traci resumes ranting about Phyllis being poison. Jack calls her visit an ambush. She tells her if she can't be happy for him, maybe she shouldn't stay there. Traci is aghast.

At Leslie's apartment, she and Neil discuss a tabloid story on Leslie/Valerie and her past. She says Tyler's not behind it, so it must have been Neil. Neil admits the words are from his personal journal, but he never intended it to go public. She wonders how it got out there. Neil promises to find out.

Michael opens the matchbook from the inn at On The Boulevard and asks Carmine if it was a nice place. Carmine pretends to know nothing about the inn, and says people leave things behind. Michael doesn't buy it. Carmine asks if there's something he wants to say. Michael calls him a son of a bitch and leaves. Carmine tries unsuccessfully to call Lauren.

At home, Lauren studies the pen from the inn and gasps, "What have I done?" She ignores a call from Carmine as Fen arrives. He blurts that he's been driving them nuts like he did Jamie - he drives people away, and now Summer. "She can't stand me." Lauren tries to comfort him. "You'll work it out." He asks if she and Dad will too. She thinks they will.

Summer spots Kyle at Crimson Lights. She suggests they hang out to keep Fen at bay, but he's meeting friends at The Underground. She asks him to go to prom. He suggests she take someone her age. Later, Phyllis enters and Michael tells her he was right about Lauren. Phyllis counsels that it was just a mistake. She tells him to go home and talk to his wife. After, Phyllis and Summer chat about Traci. Summer tells Phyllis that Jack loves his sisters, but worships her. Summer wonders when she'll get lucky. Phyllis eyeballs her as she giggles. She tells Summer she should hold out for someone worthwhile. She says she and Jack are best friends, that's why it's great. Fen appears. He assures them he just wants to apologize.

Avery frets at her apartment and sits to think. Nick arrives. He tells her Dylan asked if he was an idiot. "I was." Nick says he knows Dylan's a part of her life and that's never going to change. He asks if she still wants him. "So much." They kiss.

Neil and Leslie visit Alex and his partner to see if there are leads on his break-in. Neil says they believe it was personal - his flashdrive was stolen. The detectives look at the blog on Genoa City Buzz and agree there could be more to come.

Michael arrives at home. Lauren apologizes for saying he drove her to seek comfort elsewhere earlier. He asks her if it's not true, then, that she ran to that bartender's bed. He asks why Carmine? Lauren cries that it was a mistake. Michael tells her she can't unmake that bed or erase what happened in it. She asks what now? Michael says Phyllis told him to fight for the marriage. Lauren pleads with him to do that. They talk about outlasting other couples. "We beat the odds," she says. Michael replies, "Until now." Lauren still loves him and hopes under the anger he still loves her too. Michael goes on about Carmine...he can't make the pictures in his brain go away. Lauren says they can heal; together.

Phyllis arrives at home and tells Traci she cares deeply for Jack. She asks her to stay so they can have dinner, and she can convince her that she and Jack can make this work.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Fen asks Carmine what he's doing at his apartment door.

Nick shoves Kyle. "I told you to stay away from my daughter!"

Chloe says to Kevin, "You've had your sticky little fingers all over somebody's property and I'm going to figure it out."

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