I'm A Little Dirty.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Chelsea prepares to come clean, Michael confronts Lauren, and Kevin is bored.

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At home, Michael asks Lauren if she's been cheating on him - for months he's thought this hell was because of how he hurt her and Fenmore. She says it wasn't just him. He asks again. She moves to leave. He stops her. As he's hollering about her being evasive, he spots a pen from the inn she was at with Carmine. She makes an excuse. He rants and asks again about having an affair. She hisses, "Who would blame me if I was?" They rehash Michael being a DA when he was needed as a father and husband. Lauren hollers that he drove her to find comfort elsewhere. Michael yells, "In another man's arms!" He says if he finds out who had his hands on his wife, he won't be responsible for his actions, and leaves. Lauren cries and stabs a playing card.

At On The Boulevard, Carmine tells Dylan he can leave early. Dylan admits he has a date. Adam appears. "You and Chelsea sharing more than a kid now?" He warns that Chelsea has champagne tastes. Dylan thinks he's insulting her and they bicker. After, Carmine commiserates with Adam about women you can't get over.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe teases Chelsea about her date with Dylan. Chelsea says tonight is the end of something, not the start - she plans to tell him the truth about the baby's paternity. "Dylan deserves to know the truth." Avery appears. "The truth about what?" Chelsea lies that she's thinking about leaving town. Avery presses her not to keep the baby from Dylan - he's had so much loss. She rambles about how amazing he is. Chelsea wonders if she's still in love with him. Avery keeps talking about Dylan and then apologizes. They both realize they should be home cooking dinner. Nearby, Kevin tells Chloe about a ritzy gated community. Chloe warns Kevin not to steal again. He agrees, but mutters about their boring life afterward. Later, they try watching a movie about criminals, but Kevin says it's not the same. Chloe reassures him and goes to lock up. Kevin looks at estates for sale online.

At the tackhouse, Sharon and Nick discuss his date with Avery. Sharon spots the ring and asks which one of them called it off. He says it was mutual. Adam stops by to talk to Nick about Newman. Nick tells him he'll have to get the money somewhere else. Sharon comes downstairs from saying goodnight to Faith. Adam tells her he's looking for a maid - does she have any ideas? She grins. "I might." Adam leaves. Nick asks what that was all about, and warns her to be careful of getting hurt. She says, "Back at ya'."

Adam is on the phone telling someone he'll need the full funding they discussed, when Sharon comes to the door in a French maid outfit asking where she should begin. He grins. "I'm a little dirty." They kiss. Later, Sharon tells him that Nick warned her to be careful. Adam mentions Newman and asks what Sharon will do next. She says she's not sure what she wants in some areas of her life...but in others, it's crystal clear. She leaves, suggesting that Adam might know a repairman with an accent who could come by and regulate her heating. Adam grins. They kiss goodbye. He phones Victor to tell him he got funding - Newman will belong to only them.

Dylan arrives at Chelsea's suite and tells her he found an apartment big enough to have the baby visit. She prepares to tell the truth. Dylan says how much the baby means to him. Chelsea says Avery told her the story. Dylan asks if she means about their baby. Chelsea says no. Dylan tells her the story about the miscarriage. He asks Chelsea what she was going to tell him. She says she was going to leave town, but has decided to stay. He's thrilled and shows her the baby cradle he'll make. She loves it. They share some laughs and later, they kiss goodbye.

Nick arrives at Avery's place for dinner. They're both nervous. He kisses her. She says her nerves are now anticipation. They toast to new beginnings and slow dance. As they prepare dessert, Nick sees Dylan's dog tags and is peeved that she didn't return them. He refuses her invitation to stay overnight and leaves with tension in the air.

Carmine serves Michael at On The Boulevard. Michael spots a book of matches from the same inn as the pen at the house. He looks at Carmine.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil and Leslie are at the station. Neil says, "We don't believe this was a random break-in. I think it was personal."

Nick asks Dylan in the GCAC gym, "Did you come to workout or do you have something to say?" Dylan tells him he thinks it's time they settled this.

Jack hollers at Traci, "I love Phyllis, and if you can't be happy for me maybe you shouldn't stay in this house!"

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