Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Battle lines are drawn at Newman, Gus wants to go back, and Chelsea decides to be honest.

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Avery encounters Dylan in Crimson Lights. He apologizes for phoning and asks how things went for her. She says the ball's in Nick's court. Chelsea arrives and asks if she's interrupting. Awkwardness ensues as Avery congratulates her on the baby and leaves. Chelsea observes that Avery's not just his lawyer. Dylan admits he and Avery were involved. Chelsea says he should go back to her while he has the chance - she's giving him an out. Dylan says he's tried with Avery, but she wants Nick. Chelsea sighs and says she has to be honest about the baby. Dylan suggests she tell him tomorrow over dinner.

At the tackhouse, Nick reads Avery's love letter and heads out the door.

Billy wrestles with Delia at home as Victoria prepares for a meeting. She says JT texted to make sure it was okay for Reed to come and stay but still didn't explain why. They have a close moment and kiss. Later, a hyper Delia wears Billy out. He dozes off and dreams of having a house full of crying babies. He awakens and tells Delia why the word 'bet' isn't good, and suggests they play something other than cards.

Victor and Adam discuss Victoria at work. Adam points out she's a Newman - that makes her inherently dangerous - he doesn't want to be blindsided. Victor tells Adam that he and Victoria are far more alike than either of them wants to admit. Adam thinks with three of them running things after the buyout there would be too many cooks in the kitchen. Victor chuckles. He'll make it work.

At home, Leslie discusses Gus' alleged affair with Tyler, who thinks it's none of their business. Leslie wonders if he's worried there's something worse. Gus appears. He says they thought he killed their mother - what could be worse? Leslie's afraid to find out. Gus thinks the only way to move forward is to go back - to the night their mother died. Leslie thinks Gus looks ill - she gives him an aspirin. They talk about finally saying a proper goodbye to Belinda. Leslie asks about Rose again. Gus becomes agitated and keels over. He gasps that Rose was someone he cared about and Belinda knew Rose. He repeats, "Rose was... Rose was..." Tyler pleads, "Don't leave us, Dad." Amid the pain, Gus is pleased to hear 'Dad'. The paramedics arrive but can't save Gus.

Nick joins Abby at On The Boulevard. Victoria joins them. They ask why she wanted to meet. Vikki says Victor wants to privatize the company and will ask them for the money from the lawsuit to finance it. She suggests they pool their money and take over Newman. Nick asks what if Victor stands by Adam - will she kick him out of the company too? Vikki says she only wants Adam out. Abby says Adam's doing a good job. Vikki says he's on good behavior for now, and chews about the lovefest between he and Victor right now. Nick advises her not to battle over Dad and says he's out. Vikki asks Abby if she's in. Abby gets a call from Victor who wants to meet.

Nick finds Avery waiting at the tackhouse. She promises she's not stalking him. He says he read her letter. She starts rambling and then blurts that she needs to know what he thought of it - it's not everyday she writes a love letter to a boy! Nick says it was moving, but he still thinks she's trying to convince herself she's over Dylan. She tells him she didn't go to the cottage with Dylan. She asks him to dinner at her apartment. He says really enjoys things wrapped in bacon.

Adam tells Victor, in his office, that Hope would be touched watching them work together. Victor says she was remarkable. Abby arrives. She mentions having breakfast with her siblings. Adam realizes Victoria sounded the battle horn. Victor asks Abby to confirm. She does. Abby informs them she won't be taking either side and wishes them luck. Victor looks out the window. "Betrayed by my own children." Victoria appears. She and Victor bicker over Adam and what he's capable of. Victor says he saved his life! Victoria says that was just instinct. She tells Victor she'll never trust Adam and won't give up trying to protect him. Adam warns Victor that Victoria wants a duel to the death and will force him to choose her or him.

Vikki tells a man at On The Boulevard that the target is Adam Newman - she needs dirt related to business. She already has personal information on Adam and his ex that she's saving for a rainy day. She asks the man to find out what the bombshell was that Adam came to the reception to drop on Victor.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis overhears Kyle asking Jack if he's going to propose to her tonight.

Leslie asks Neil, "Did you lose your parents?"

At home, Lauren tells Carmine, "I want my life back." Paul appears and says, "Then you need to end this now."

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