A Complete Failing Of Logic.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Victor and Adam make plans, Adam apologizes, and Paul grills Lauren.

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Michael that Fen is crashing with them. Kevin says he promised not to tell where Fen was - now he's violated his trust. Michael grimly says it happens to every one of them. Kevin says Fen's been messed up since before Michael moved out, but he'll be okay. Michael's glad he asked for help. They discuss Michael and Lauren's marriage. Michael says Lauren may have passed the point of no return.

Carmine calls Lauren from On The Boulevard to let her know he's there to take care of her. Nearby, Chloe tells Chelsea she and Kevin are in a rut. Chelsea's not happy they had sex in the office. Talk turns to Chelsea's conscience bothering her. Chloe's exasperated. Chelsea can't stand the idea of having to lie forever. Chloe warns if she tells Dylan the truth, Adam will find out and she can kiss the baby goodbye forever. Chelsea tells Chloe to go work on her marriage, but not on her desk.

At home, Lauren looks at her phone and sighs. She leaves Fen a message to call her. Paul arrives. They discuss Fen. Lauren assures him she's doing everything she can to get her family back together. Paul asks, "Does that include going away with Carmine Basco?" Lauren acts offended. She hopes he's not poisoning Michael against her. Paul tells Lauren he loves her; she's his best friend. He wants to help. "Are you sleeping with Carmine Basco, or not?" Lauren denies it. Paul warns a mental affair can be just as damaging and coaches her on saving her marriage.

Adam and Victor are working late at Newman. Adam suggests an acquisition and they debate whether the shareholders would agree to it. Adam tells Victor they need to take the company back from them and run it together. Victor says they don't have the funds. Adam counters that they can raise them. Victor wants to include the entire family - Nicholas, Abby, and Victoria can return the funds from the lawsuit. Adam doesn't think they'd invest while he's still there.

Billy comes home to find Vikki sleeping on the couch with Johnny. She wakes up and says he got a new tooth. She wants to talk after she gets Johnny in his crib. Billy drops a poker chip on the floor. Victoria comes down and apologizes for blowing up earlier. Billy promises not to ask her to leave Newman again. The flirt and Vikki spots the poker chip. She inquires about it, but Victor arrives with a proposition. He pitches the idea of buying back the family business. Billy mocks him for wanting the lawsuit funds back. Victoria tells Victor this is a complete failing of logic. If he wants to bring the family together, this isn't the way. Victor argues that Adam's proven his loyalty and leaves hoping that Victoria will make the right decision. Vikki tells Billy there is no way in hell she'll give that weasel Adam her money, and she'll make sure no one else does either.

Adam arrives at On The Boulevard and asks Chelsea if she's alone. He notes she's craving spicy food - like she did with their baby. Chelsea cries and thanks him for constantly reminding her that she lost their baby. Adam apologizes. He assures her it won't happen this time - he doesn't want to see her go through that pain again. He says when he's alone, he admits this whole thing is on him - they could have something amazing and beautiful. Chelsea leans forward. "Adam..." Carmine brings her takeout. Adam tells her not to keep Dylan waiting. Michael arrives and Carmine asks, "What'll you have?" Michael says, "The truth." Carmine asks about what. Michael says, "Love, life, the meaning of it all." Carmine pours a drink and asks about his troubles. Michael laughs that he wouldn't begin to understand them.

Dr. Costner arrives at the ranch where Nikki thanks him for coming - she's had terrible muscle aches. He says it's her new meds. She apologizes for disrupting his evening and offers him dinner. They talk about his lack of social life since he's wife died. He wonders if Victor is giving Nikki enough attention. She claims everything's wonderful. Victor comes home and the doctor leaves. Victor grills her about calling him 'Kurt' and not phoning him first. Nikki changes the subject to Newman. Victor tells her the latest. Nikki worries about power struggles. Victor thinks it's the only way to really unite their family. He'll do anything in his power to make it happen.

Chloe and Kevin discuss Michael and Lauren's break up at Crimson Lights. Chloe wonders about their own marriage. Kevin assures her they're fine, but doesn't look so sure when he hugs her.

At Newman, Adam looks at Victor's framed photos of his family members.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Dylan he can walk away from her and this baby right now if he wants to give it another shot with Avery.

Leslie and Tyler hold Gus up as he doubles over.

Victoria tells Nick and Abby she's not proposing an attack on Dad. Nick says he noticed she didn't rule out the possibility.

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