Double-Edged Sword.

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Katherine comes home, Billy gives in, and Avery writes a letter.

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Avery answers her phone at home and says, "Nick?" It's Dylan. He offers to get some fish if she's on her way to the cottage. She tells him she's not coming. "Sorry." He responds, "So am I." Avery writes a love letter to Nick.

At On The Boulevard, Carmine tries to convince Billy he's not lying. Carmine suggests they settle the issue of his job over a hand of cards. Billy says he's not a gambler. Carmine reminds him he won the restaurant in poker. Billy says, "I'll deal." Carmine talks about his Uncle Rocco and tells Billy he plays like a pro. Carmine loses the hand. Billy says they could play another - double or nothing. After, Carmine asks if he was a card shark back in the day. Billy ignores him. Later, Billy plays with the deck of cards while alone.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Phyllis say Summer can have Courtney over. Jack says Kyle will supervise them. Kyle asks, "I will?" Kyle tells Jack he owes him, while Phyllis warns Summer not to run around in her underwear. Later, Courtney arrives and Kyle warns them not to break anything while he works. Summer begins talking about getting him to notice her. Fen arrives and complains about Summer not telling him she was moving. Kyle appears as Fen asks where her boy toy is. Kyle tells Kevin to go. Fen asks, "Are you going to make me?" Once Fen's gone, Summer and Kyle discuss him. Kyle doesn't think he'd hurt her. Summer says Kyle let Fen think they were dating - maybe he wants it to be true?

Cane gets Katherine home and tells her to close her eyes. She opens them to Murphy, Esther, Chloe, and Kevin shouting, "Surprise!" Murphy wishes her a happy anniversary. Jill comes in complaining that she went to the hospital but Cane already picked her up. Jill wishes them a happy anniversary and they all have a toast. Katherine admits she was wrong - it was better to go through this with family. She doesn't know how she would have managed without Cane. Jill says she could have leaned on any one of them. Kay thanks Cane for stepping in at Chancellor. Jill downs her glass in one. Later, Murphy tells Kay he could marry her all over again - but without the drama. "If I lost ya'..." Kay says she plans to be there for quite a while. At the door, Jill tells Cane she loves him, but this really hurts her. Cane says it's Katherine's decision. "Work with me." Jill goes to talk to Kay. They discuss her decision. Katherine explains that Jill is fiercely confident - it's a double-edged sword. She needs someone more conservative, like she is, in that chair. Jill lets her know she'll work with Cane and urges her to rest. Katherine heads upstairs. Jill asks if she wants help. Katherine says she can manage. "Good night."

At The Underground, Noah urges Nick to call Avery. They bicker about whether Avery's still in love with Dylan. Noah thinks he's using Dylan as an excuse - he's gun shy. Nick insists they need a step back. Jack and Phyllis stop in. Jack compliments the club. Nick says he's still not cool with Summer living at the Abbott house. He goes on about Jack being a player and the apple not falling far from the tree.

At the cottage, Dylan finds a stuffed lion he'd bought for his and Avery's baby, but she told him she miscarried. He recalls how she changed her mind about leaving her husband and ran off. He tosses the lion in the trash and calls Chelsea. He says she has no idea what it means to him to be a father.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis tells Jack that Summer may be acting out because of Nick. Jack wonders why Phyllis was asking Noah about Nick and Avery. Phyllis claims she's concerned about how it affects Summer and denies wanting Nick back.

At Crimson Lights, Fen tells Kevin he made a fool of himself in front of Summer. He asks to move in with him and Chloe, admitting that he has no one to talk to and gets scared because he gets so angry.

Nick arrives at the Abbott house. Summer asks if he came to embarrass her. She tells him Kyle's working and she and Courtney are watching a movie. She tells him he needs to step back and let her grow up. Summer tells him he'll always be her dad. They hug.

Nick finds Avery's love letter at the tackhouse and reads it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Paul asks Lauren if she's sleeping with Carmine.

At the bar, Carmine asks Michael, "What'll you have?" Michael says, "The truth."

Victoria holds up a poker chip to Billy. "What is this?" Billy shrugs and struggles for words.

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