Photo Shoot Virgins.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Nick confronts Phyllis, Dylan makes Avery an offer, and Katherine comes out of surgery.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Phyllis discuss Summer moving in. Phyllis says Nick's head will probably explode, but Summer's eighteen and chose her. Jack mentions Kyle. Phyllis thinks Summer's all about modeling now. Kyle enters as Phyllis says another Newman/Abbott pairing would give Victor a meltdown. Kyle says he's not interested in Summer. Summer arrives. Phyllis asks about Nick. Summer says he'll recover. Jack suggests they all have lunch later. Once alone, Summer asks Kyle to convince Phyllis and Jack to let her throw a party. Kyle declines. She says she's happy they can be friends.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse - she hopes it's okay not to have called first. Nick says she should be living there by now. Avery wants to convince him she's over Dylan. Nick thinks she still has feelings for him, no matter what she says. Avery gives him the ring back. They each say, "I love you." Avery says it's not enough and leaves. Nick gets a call from Summer and he warns her about trying to dodge him. She hangs up.

Tyler flirts with the barista at Crimson Lights. Chloe appears and they banter about him suggesting Summer as a model. Tyler tells Chloe she's smokin' hot. Chloe grins - she's flattered. She asks what Lily thought about his Mason idea. He says she doesn't know yet.

In the hospital, Lily is with Devon and they enter Katherine's room. She's out of surgery but not responding to Murphy and Jill. Devon tells Katherine everyone is there to say they love her, and want her to wake up. In the corridor, Lily and Cane discuss Katherine. Cane urges her to go to work. They embrace. Cane sees Murphy is agitated over Kay not waking up. He goes to call for a doctor and Jill asks him about a curious development at Chancellor. Cane tells her Katherine asked him to take over if she was incapacitated. Jill is angry. Devon hollers, "She's waking up." They go in. Katherine speaks weakly. Jill snaps, "Oh please." Kay asks, "You really want a piece of me?" They all laugh.

Dylan arrives at Chelsea's work and goes on about getting all the things he can do to help. She hollers at him to stop acting like her husband! Dylan apologizes. She admits her mood is bitterness about her marriage. He doesn't want to be in the middle. She reassures him. He tells her to feel free to go off on him again. They hug as Chloe and Tyler arrive. Dylan leaves as Mason enters. Lily arrives as Chloe says Tyler is great at picking models. Lily wonders why it's the first she's heard about Mason. Summer arrives, and Tyler points out to Lily how she and Mason have the right look. They begin. Summer says they're photo shoot virgins. Kyle drops in a package as they pose and then leaves. Later, Chloe and Chelsea rave over the proofs. Lily says Tyler has an eye. She looks at Tyler before leaving. Once alone, Chloe talks to Chelsea about Dylan. Chelsea says it's a big fat lie - she doesn't know how long she can keep it up.

Avery sits in Crimson Lights feeling upset. Dylan appears and says he's going to tie up loose ends with his father's company. He notices her missing ring. Avery rants that she didn't take Nick's ring off to put his on. Dylan suggests that this is their chance. He asks her to come with him out of town so they can be free for the first time since he got back. He tells her he's going to the cottage - she knows the way.

Kyle leaves the Abbott mansion and Jack and Phyllis get amorous as Nick arrives. He confronts Phyllis about moving Summer in there without talking to him first. They argue about Kyle living there as well. Phyllis insists she can control the situation. Jack says Kyle's assured him there's no issue. Nick states that Kyle's a player. Jack steps out. Nick tells Phyllis about Summer using a fake ID at The Underground. Phyllis says Summer doesn't want to live with him because of Avery. Nick says it's not an issue anymore. Phyllis muses, "Is there trouble in cupcake paradise?" Nick says they agreed they're moving too fast. Phyllis accuses him of taking out his anger at his sister on her. She says Summer chose to live there - it's done. Nick warns Jack to keep his son away from his daughter before leaving. Phyllis thinks she won that one.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler makes a date with the barista.

Summer shows her proofs to Jack and Phyllis at home as Kyle looks on. They say she looks amazing - very grown up.

Nick drinks a beer at home and looks at Avery's ring.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler tells Lily they need a chance to talk. "About us."

Leslie asks Gus how long the affair with Rose lasted. He hisses, "You went through my things?"

On the phone, Michael asks Lauren where she is. On her end, Carmine asks "You want some more champagne?" Michael asks, "Who was that?"

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