Love Sucks.

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Sharon and Adam talk, Summer hatches a plan, and Avery visits Dylan.

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At the penthouse, Sharon asks Adam if he wants their sex to stop. He doesn't. She warns him she won't be treated like a call girl. Adam wants to talk about it another day. Sharon says she didn't hurt him - don't take it out on her. Adam replies, "Duly noted." She asks if he plans to stay numb. He says it's easier that way. Sharon says she knows he's a very caring person who is tired of being hurt. Adam worries what it would do to her if they get wrapped up in each other again. Sharon says she's a big girl. Adam says he just got divorced and shot - and one hurt far more than the other - he's drained. She's okay with where things are between them right now. Once alone, Adam stews about Sharon and then leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Summer hatches a plan with Courtney to party at The Underground since her dad is busy with Avery tonight. Dylan overhears. Courtney gets them fake IDs.

At the tackhouse, Avery asks Nick if he's calling off their engagement. That's not his intention. Avery asks if he rushed into this engagement and is now using Dylan as a convenient way to get out. Nick denies it. They bicker about whether she's confused. She points out that she's there with him. Nick says he has to go to the club - they're short-handed. Avery leaves. Sharon arrives looking for a permission slip as Nick is leaving. She says she talked to Avery and they discussed the engagement and relationships being complicated. Nick wonders if she's talking about Adam and says he has no idea how he left things with Avery. He asks about Adam again. She says there is no her and Adam. Nick barks, "Keep it that way." Sharon's glad he cares. Nick admits he listens to her advice too.

In Quinn's room, Tyler turns down wine. She realizes he just needed someone and kisses him. He warns he still can't get her the job. She just wants him. They hit the sheets. After, she says she had fun. Tyler agrees it was great - he didn't have to think about anything except how gorgeous she is. Quinn says she's not a serious kind of girl. He likes it.

Noah makes out with Quinn's friend Donna at The Underground. He admits he doesn't have a place of his own so she leaves. Noah returns to the bar. Mason appears looking for Nick. Noah's not sure they have a position open but gives him a free drink. Tyler returns and chats with Noah, who says he needs his own place. Tyler needs one too. Noah goes upstairs to print off ads. Summer and her friend arrive. The bartender ignores them so they decide to chat up Mason so he'll buy them drinks. Tyler walks over. He warns Summer if she's going to represent Jabot she has to keep her nose clean. Mason's impressed and asks about the campaign. Tyler has Summer sit with Mason and then asks him if he's ever modeled. Tyler tells Mason to come by the office tomorrow. Noah appears and reads Summer the riot act. She wants him to agree not to tell Nick. Nick appears. "Too late." Nick says he knows exactly what she was up to and orders her to go home. She snaps that she'll be in her room packing - she's moving to Jack's with Mom. Later, Tyler tells Noah about his father in the hospital. He gets a text that Gus is improving and coming home soon. He orders a double. Nick sits in Avery's private booth.

Dylan's sketching a baby crib in his room when Avery arrives to talk. Dylan angrily tells her he isn't going to walk out on his kid because Nick can't handle him being in town. He realizes Nick's ready to bail on Avery. She admits she felt confident about what she wanted, but now isn't so sure. Dylan says Nick is right - they're not over. She hollers that everything was great until Dylan came back. Dylan says she's obviously confused. Avery hisses that she's not confused - Nick is her future, Dylan's her past. He asks why she came to his motel then. Dylan says maybe Nick will believe he's her future when she does. Avery storms out. Dylan looks at her photo and then goes back to the crib sketch.

Avery spots Adam on the coffee house patio and joins him. She says she knows about Chelsea and wonders how he's dealing with it. She explains she used to be close to Dylan. He can imagine how Nicholas is feeling and says it's proof love sucks. Avery disagrees.

Sharon stands in Crimson Lights and debates calling Adam.

Adam arrives at home, pours a drink, and thinks.

Avery stands outside the tackhouse door and then leaves.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Cane no one has that authority at Chancellor other than Katherine or me. Cane replies, "Not if there's someone else." Jill asks, "Who?"

Nick says to Phyllis, "You moved Summer in here without talking to me first? What are you thinking?"

Dylan says to Chelsea, "If you need help with the doctors visits, the habanero cravings..." She snaps, "Stop okay! Stop acting like you're my husband."

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