My Spice Gene.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Katherine gets a surprise, Chelsea gets papers, and Adam tests Victor.

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Sharon brings Faith into the tackhouse. Nick offers Faith a muffin. She puts it down when he says it's Avery's recipe and asks why she can't just stay away. Nick says Avery is special to him. Faith says if he marries her, they won't be a family anymore. Nick says they'll always be a family. Sharon says they love her very much. Faith hugs them and goes upstairs. Nick thanks Sharon for not throwing him under the bus and asks about her. She thinks he's wondering about Adam and says she doesn't need his approval.

Avery spots Dylan filling out an application at On The Boulevard. She rants about him still being in town. He says things have changed. "I'm going to be a father." Avery takes deep breaths as she digests the news that Chelsea is the mother and they slept together the night his father died.

Adam arrives at Crimson Lights and hands Chelsea their divorce papers and Chloe looks on. He tells Chelsea to go out and celebrate - have sex with a stranger. He tells her the financial settlement's there too and says she's a con to the core. Chloe intervenes. Adam says Dylan McAvoy has no idea what's in store for him. "Better him than me."

At Newman, Nikki tells Victor she's going to see her doctor. They bicker about whether Billy Boy will run his restaurant into the ground. Later, Adam arrives and learns Victor closed his deal. He accuses Victor of trying to push him out. Victor says they're family and will run the company together. Adam challenges Victor to prove he's sincere by giving him the office. Victor smirks that there's a line around the desk and the chair. Adam suggests they arm wrestle for it. Victor, chuckling, shows his bicep and gives Adam the keys to the penthouse.

At work, Lily and Tyler have a difference of opinion about the inexperienced girls coming to audition. Lily walks off. Once the girls arrive, Lily accuses Tyler of flirting with them. Summer arrives, but tries to leave when Lily says Chelsea's coming. Chelsea and Chloe appear. Tyler suggests Summer audition to be their model. Chloe snarks at Tyler that he's in marketing. He says it's Chelsea's call. Summer faces Chelsea, who says they both carry that awful night with them, but she doesn't blame her. "I'm getting a second chance and you deserve one too."

Katherine is complaining loudly to Cane in her hospital room when Jill and Murphy appear. She wonders how they found out. Cane grins. Jill says they just did, and tells Katherine to stop glaring at Cane for being loving. Murphy complains, "What if something had happened? I'm your husband." Katherine decides that Cane was right to tell them. She asks them to call Esther, Nina, Brock, and Devon. Murphy and Jill step out. Jill spots Nikki with Dr. Costner. Jill starts ranting - she thinks Nikki knew about Katherine before her. Realizing she's wrong, she tells Nikki what's happening. In her room, Katherine tells Cane if she ends up incapacitated she wants him to run Chancellor. He asks about Neil and Jill. Katherine needs him. He agrees. Later, Nikki visits Katherine. The others return - it's time for Katherine to go to the OR. They all say they love her. Katherine is wheeled out, yelling, "I love all of you!"

Avery arrives at the tackhouse and Nick tells her he can't keep yanking Faith around, so he can't marry her until he knows she's over Dylan. Avery says she and Dylan have moved on. Nick asks why he's still around. She tells him Chelsea Newman's pregnant and Dylan's the father. Nick wonders if Avery is giving him her whole heart because Dylan's no longer an option.

Chloe rants to Chelsea about Summer at Crimson Lights. Chelsea says she's the perfect face for their brand. Chloe reminds her they once thought Billy and Adam were perfect too. Chloe notices Dylan and pushes Chelsea to go for him. Chelsea protests but approaches him. They discuss her cravings. He says the kid got his spice gene, and goes to get her a ginger ale.

Adam shows Sharon the penthouse. He wants her to help him break the place in. They get passionate on the piano. Later, Sharon hears Adam on the phone arranging for Gloria to get rid of his house and furniture.

At work, Lily and Tyler look at Summer's proofs and he chides her to tell him he was right. They're laughing when Cane arrives. He says Katherine's still in surgery. Lily leaves with him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea introduces Dylan to Anita, who asks, "So when are you and Chelsea getting married?"

Adam tells Billy he came back to play cards like they did last week, and asks, "Are you back in action, Billy?" Victoria hears and asks, "Back in action with what?"

Nick says to Avery, "You will never, ever let go of Dylan." She asks if he's calling off their engagement.

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