Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Michael makes a decision, Neil asks Lily about Tyler, and Leslie snoops.

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At Jabot, Cane and Lily enter Neil's office and learn Tyler's not joining the meeting. Lily says he's probably with his fling. She makes a pitch called "Dare To Be Different" with Tyler's mock-ups. Neil likes it and thinks she and Tyler should work together. Lily says they're a bad match, but Cane and Neil insist. Neil leaves. Cane tells Lily it's time he trusted her working with Tyler before leaving to meet Katherine. Later, Neil asks Lily what's going on with her and Tyler. Lily rambles that nothing's going on, although he's a flirt. She says flirting with him just made her realize she loves her life. Neil hugs her.

At the hospital, Tyler tells Leslie he's there for her, not for Gus. Leslie warns he may not have another chance to make peace with him. Leslie tells Tyler about him calling her Rose. Tyler muses that the guy definitely has his secrets. Leslie tells him about Gus's box. Leslie goes in to see Gus, who feels he's been a lot of trouble and should leave. Leslie says he'll have to get by her. Leslie asks about Rose. Gus vehemently denies knowing or saying that name. Meanwhile, Cane spots Tyler, who tells him about Gus. Cane tells Tyler he and Lily make a good team - he won't get in the way of it as long as Tyler doesn't give him a reason.

Billy complains to Carmine at the restaurant. Carmine says Barry was happy to unload the place. Billy grunts that it's a money pit. Carmine suggests another poker game, but Billy says it was a one-time thing, warning that his wife has a problem with it. Kyle appears, followed by Jack. Billy tells them he won't stay at Jabot. Jack mocks him for leaving Jabot to sling hash, but then congratulates him. Jack tells them Phyllis is moving in. Kyle is stunned. Jack hopes someday he has a woman like Phyllis in his life. Kyle goes, and Billy tells Jack about Victoria being back at Newman with Adam...and Victor. Jack looks around and asks if Billy has his temptations under control. Billy says just like he does.

At home, Michael tells Lauren he stayed at a motel and couldn't sleep for thinking - he's come to a decision. They bicker and then he starts beating himself up for doubting Fenmore and ruining everything. Lauren insists it's her fault. She blamed him and then went out to try to feel better - but she made everything worse. Fen arrives and Michael tells him he's moving out. Fen accuses him of giving up and storms out. Michael tells Lauren they need to figure out what they want and he doesn't want to stay and ruin what they still have.

Phyllis and Summer reunite happily at the penthouse. They debate Summer dressing 'older'. Phyllis says Jack asked her to move in. Summer wants to live there too. Phyllis thinks it's to be near Kyle, but Summer claims it's because Avery's always at the tackhouse trying to be her mom. Phyllis says she'll talk to Jack.

Phyllis arrives at Jack's place and asks him about a spare room for Summer. He muses, "I guess..." Phyllis says Summer's sick of the next Mrs. Nick Newman playing house. Jack tells Phyllis it's totally fine.

Summer arrives at On The Boulevard and spots Kyle. She mentions his girlfriend. He says he thinks he'll be seeing a lot more of her. Fen appears. He sits Summer down and tries to reconnect with her romantically. She says they are just friends and she's getting involved with someone else. She leaves, and Carmine appears. He urges Fen to go after her. After, Lauren arrives. Carmine suggests they crawl into bed together and disappear for a few days to a tropical paradise. Lauren thinks that's just what she needs. Nearby, Billy holds cards and then puts them away.

Tyler returns to Jabot and tells Lily about his dad. She's sympathetic. He takes a call from Veronica and says he's starved too. Lily tells him to go. She looks thoughtful after he leaves. Cane enters and she rushes to hug him.

At home, Leslie muses to Neil that Gus lied to her face, and the answers might be in the box. Neil advises her to leave it alone. He leaves and she goes for the box - it contains unopened letters to Gus from an 'R.Turner'.

Summer arrives at Jack's place where Kyle comes down the stairs and greets her. Fen watches from outside.

Michael gets his bags ready and cries at home.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine says to Cane, "I want you in charge. I want you to run Chancellor."

Adam tells Chelsea, "This gift you're going to actually enjoy- it's our divorce papers."

Avery asks Dylan, "Why are you still here?" He says he's going to be a father.

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