A Long Shot.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Phyllis learns Avery's plans, Adam gives a gift, and John visits Jack.

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At Avery's apartment, Nick tells Avery that Sharon didn't pick up Faith from school and he can't reach her. Avery volunteers to look for Sharon while Nick gets Faith. Avery says she'll tell Phyllis about them.

Sharon pulls away from Adam's kiss at his place. She's realized he went to see Chelsea. Sharon says she knows about the baby being Dylan's. She understands that Adam is angry and hurt - that's what the kiss was about. Adam says he wants to feel good and forget, but apologizes for using her to do that. Sharon says he makes her feel good too. Adam still wants to kiss her. Sharon wants to kiss as well, but isn't sure they're ready. As Adam suggests meaningless sex, Sharon's phone rings - she realizes she forgot to pick-up Faith.

At work, Chelsea talks to her baby. "I'm just so worried about your father." Dylan appears and asks, "Why?" Chelsea covers, saying throwing a baby into the mix changes everything. He admits it was a surprise and they joke around. She tells him she's not expecting anything. Dylan says he won't walk away from his kid. Chelsea argues that they're not in a relationship. He suggests they start with something simple - like when is the baby due? Chelsea stammers that she hasn't really talked to anyone about that but it should be around Thanksgiving. Dylan says he'll be in touch and says his last name's McAvoy. Later, Adam arrives with a gift he bought for their baby. Chelsea reminds him the baby's not his. He says he bought the gift before he knew he wouldn't need it and wishes her good luck. Once alone, Chelsea opens the baby blanket which has a heartfelt letter to Baby Newman from his dad included. Chelsea cries. She remembers happier times with Adam.

Jack and Phyllis arrive at the Abbott mansion. He refers to her as the lady of the house. She says she's not. He asks if she's changed her mind about moving in. Phyllis says she hasn't, but worries she'll screw things up. "We're a long shot." Jack's ready and says he'd love to have Summer there too. Phyllis goes, and John appears. Jack tells him everything's perfect. John says if that were true, he wouldn't be there. Jack insists everything is wonderful except for Phyllis' little case of cold feet. John says he's witnessed Jack's love life - the good, the bad, and the disastrous - she's got all three. He reminds Jack no one's ever hurt him like she has. Jack says it won't happen this time.

Sharon enters her house where Nick grills her about what she was doing. Sharon says it was business, but Nick says she left Newman. He asks if she was with Adam. Sharon feels it's none of his business and tells him to take a look at his own relationship. Sharon says Faith isn't too happy about the impending marriage. Nick says she'll get used to it in time. Sharon suggests he give her that time - she thinks he needs more time to really get to know Avery first. Nick mentions Dylan leaving town. Sharon says she wouldn't be too sure. Nick asks if there is something he should know. Sharon tells him to live his life and she'll live hers.

At Phyllis' penthouse, she gifts Avery with spices from Istanbul. Avery awkwardly accepts them. Phyllis mentions her dating Nick. Avery blurts, "Nick and I are engaged." Phyllis snarks, "Boing, boing..." She tells Avery she's a rebound - they had something real. Avery insists they're building something together. Phyllis asks why Nick didn't tell her and accuses Avery of wanting to see the look on her face. She taunts Avery about imploding her last marriage with Dylan, who happens to be in town. They keep bickering, with Phyllis accusing Avery of stealing her life and Avery telling Phyllis her life is pathetic. Jack arrives. Avery leaves. Phyllis tells Jack what Avery told her. Jack observes that she's not fine. Phyllis tells him she looks like a fool and so does Nick who's jumping into marrying Summer's aunt. Jack promises to be there for Summer. They decide to make love.

Avery sees Dylan at Crimson Lights. He tells her he's not gone because unexpected things have happened. She's asking if she can help when Nick appears. Dylan takes off. Nick grills Avery. They disagree about whether Dylan's staying because of her. Nick thinks she's not over Dylan yet and tells her to take some time to think.

In his room, Dylan recalls when Avery told him she was pregnant and how happy they were.

Sharon arrives at Adam's house, throws her bag on the floor, and they start tearing their clothes off and kissing.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Lauren he couldn't stop thinking, and he's come to a decision.

Billy tells Carmine that game was a one time thing and he doesn't want anyone to hear about it - especially Victoria.

Neil asks Lily what's going on between her and Tyler.

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