Stone Cold Assassin Mode.

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Chelsea lies, Leslie frets, and Victor supports Adam.

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At home, Sharon is about to text Adam, but decides to leave. She opens her door and Noah is there. He tells her Nick and Avery are engaged. Sharon assures Noah she's fine with it. Noah tells her it's okay if she's upset. She agrees it was fast, but insists she's fine. Noah's still concerned about her spiraling. She says she accepted that Nick moved on a long time ago, and so has she. They discuss Adriana leaving. Noah says it may be for the best, but still hurts. Sharon says she left Newman and talks about knowing what you really want.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan asks Chelsea, "Are you pregnant?" Adam still wants to know if Dylan slept with his wife. Chelsea says she's not his wife. Adam challenges if she's so over them, why didn't she tell him. Chelsea tells Adam, "Yes, I'm pregnant." Choked up, Adam asks if Dylan's the father. Chelsea hesitates. Adam asks her not to play games. She says the baby's Dylan's. Adam accuses her of just pretending to be grieving their marriage. Chelsea's offended. Dylan intervenes. Adam wipes his eye and says, "You got her pregnant. She's your problem." Dylan and Adam bicker. Adam tells Chelsea she got her baby - congratulations. She says he got what he wanted too - she hopes he and Victor are happy together. Once alone, Dylan asks Chelsea why she didn't tell him sooner. Chelsea doesn't want him to feel obligated or like he owes her anything. He stammers, "What about what I owe the baby?" She takes off.

Kevin finds Chloe at work. He complains that she can't avoid him forever. She says she can. Kevin tries to apologize. She asks why he called their marriage 'not that much'. Kevin didn't mean it. He tells her how amazing she is - their relationship is incredible. Chloe says "No it's not." She worries they're in a rut - there's not much of a spark anymore. Kevin wonders how they can spice things up without landing in jail. Chelsea arrives. Chloe gets rid of Kevin. Chelsea tells her what happened. Chloe's thrilled, but Chelsea snaps that her idea was horrible and it's all a big mess. Chloe asks if Adam was yelling or in stone cold assassin mode. Chelsea says you could tell he was hurt by how he lashed out. Chloe says she made the right choice. Chelsea doesn't want to be this person, but can't take it back now or she'll definitely lose custody.

At the hospital, Neil reassures Leslie about Gus. Tyler appears. They tell him Gus had a heart attack and may not make it. Leslie continues to beat herself up. Neil and Tyler insist she's not to blame. Leslie doesn't want to lose Gus again. Leslie decides if he gets out, they have to work on their relationship - Tyler should too. The doctor appears - it was a major attack and they don't know the extent of the damage yet. Leslie sends Tyler on his way. Later, Leslie's allowed to see Gus. He says, "I'm so sorry, Rose."

Victor is surprised to see Victoria ready to work at Newman after they'd agreed she wouldn't return. Victoria says she didn't agree. She tells him she extended an olive branch to Adam and suggests they get down to work. Victor asks if she honestly thinks he's that easy. She wants a chance to rectify things. Victor's skeptical. He doesn't believe she won't undermine Adam. Victoria promises to do right by Victor and the company and give her all. He asks how she can do that when she's planning to have another baby. Victoria welcomes him to the 21st century. Victor says he knows her - she throws herself into work. Vikki wants it all. Adam arrives and Victor asks for a moment with him. Victor says something is bothering him. He pries it out of Adam that Chelsea is pregnant and it's not his. He goes on to say that their baby was due last night - a son. Victor's sorry. Adam admits he always thought they might have a chance. Victor is really sorry. They debate if Adam should stay at work. Victor insists he go home and rest. Later, Victoria asks where Adam's gone. Victor fills her in about Chelsea.

Dylan hammers on Sharon's door. She opens it and he blurts that he just found out Chelsea's pregnant - with his kid. Sharon can't believe Chelsea keeping this from him all this time. Dylan's floored. Sharon says he'd be a good father and asks what he's going to do now.

Noah pours Tyler a drink at Underground. He tells him whatever he's going through it will get better.

Dylan returns to his room and thinks.

Sharon arrives at Adam's house. "Are you alright?" Adam kisses her passionately.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Phyllis, "You're the lady of the house." She snaps, "No I'm not." He asks if she's changed her mind about moving in with him.

Chelsea tells Dylan, "We're not in a relationship." He suggests they start with something simple. "When's the baby due?"

Adam tells Sharon, "Of course I want to forget; Chelsea, Dylan, the baby, everything." She says, "And you use me to do that."

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