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Friday, April 19th, 2013

Billy shares his news, Adam learns Chelsea's secret, and Gus has a crisis.

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Adam hammers on Sharon's door. He tells her he never should have sent her away. She states, "You're drunk." He tells her they belong together and they kiss passionately. Suddenly Sharon wakes up from her dream...

Adam shows up at Chelsea's work and asks if she remembers what day it was. She notes he's been drinking and offers to call a cab. He thinks she forgot. Chelsea says she didn't forget it was her due date, but she was the one hurting. She tells him to go home. He leaves. She tells her baby, "It's okay."

At The Underground, Tyler has two women competing for his attention. Noah looks on grinning as one woman claims Tyler. She's Lola, a woman who's turned on by his business resume.

Leslie wakes up in the night to find Gus cleaning the kitchen. Neil arrives in the morning and Leslie complains about broken dishes and cleaning at all hours. Gus hears her ranting and says he'll get a hotel room. Leslie protests. Tyler arrives but leaves quickly.

In Dylan's room, Nick tells him he doesn't trust him. Dylan angrily says he knows nothing about him. "Back off!" They bicker about whether or not there's anything unresolved for Avery. Nick wonders if he'll always be in their faces. Dylan says he's trying...he's leaving. As they continue to argue, Avery arrives. Dylan says he wants what's best for her and always will.

At home, Billy pours a shot in the night. Vikki asks, "What kind of trouble did you get into?" He blurts that he bought On The Boulevard. Vikki can't believe he didn't talk to her first. Billy likes the idea of running it and says they'll work it out. Vikki goes upstairs muttering, "A restaurant." In the morning, Vikki appears dressed for Newman Enterprises. Billy argues about it briefly.

Sharon greets Adam at Newman - she's come to clean out her office. He wants to change her mind, but she says he doesn't need her coming between him and Victor. Adam tells her about his visit to Chelsea. He asks Sharon if she thinks he can make things right with Chelsea. Victoria arrives. Adam tells her she should look after Billy - he needs her more than Newman does. Victoria tells Adam he proved himself to be trustworthy and she wants to put the past behind them. Adam says, "You really think I'm an idiot, don't you?" Vikki heads to her office. Adam asks Sharon again about Chelsea. Sharon says she's afraid there's no chance - Chelsea's pregnant. Sharon says the baby's not his and she doesn't know who the father is. Adam takes off.

Chloe arrives at work and learns Adam visited Chelsea there. Chloe rants about not telling him about the baby. Chelsea snaps at Chloe to stop pressuring her. Lily appears, asking if everything is okay. Lola arrives and asks for Tyler - they're dating. When Tyler comes he gives Lola a tour and they flirt. Lily listens and interrupts. Lola leaves. Tyler asks, "You like?" Lily smirks, "She's not really my type." He says he meant the mock-ups. Tyler tells her he's not dating Lola. She says he should and then enthusiastically takes a call from Cane.

Chelsea apologizes to Chloe at Crimson Lights for snapping at her. Dylan appears. Chloe says they have a lot to talk about and leaves them alone. Soon, Adam appears and blurts, "Are you pregnant?" He asks if Dylan is the father. "Did you sleep with my wife?"

Billy meets Barry at On The Boulevard and tries to give the restaurant back. Barry says he has 7 other restaurants and thinks Billy's found his true calling.

Billy arrives at Newman with a rose for Victoria. "Peace offering?" He asks for a do-over and wants to take her to see On The Boulevard.

Neil and Leslie are at Gus at On The Boulevard. Gus' behavior irks Leslie and she walks out. Gus asks Neil to help him get his kids back. Later, Vikki and Billy arrive. Billy tells her he got the restaurant for a steal. Barry appears. Billy says his friend is always there for him. Barry nods. "You can bet on it!"

At home, Leslie apologizes to Gus who starts to have a heart attack. Neil dials 911.

At home, Sharon gets a medication reminder and takes her pill.

At Avery's place, she asks Nick if he proposed because he was afraid he'd lose her to Dylan if he didn't. Nick says Dylan may have influenced his decision, but why does it matter. She doesn't want to feel he married her for the wrong reason. Nick says if he wasn't crazy in love with her he wouldn't have been jealous of Dylan. They make love. After, Avery decides she'll be the one to tell Phyllis.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin tells Chloe he was wrong, their relationship is incredible. She says, "No it's not."

Chelsea tells Dylan, "We both know what that night was and what it wasn't. I don't want you to feel like you owe me anything." Dylan says, "What about what I owe the baby?"

Adam and Sharon kiss at her house.

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