Easy Mark.

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Paul spots Lauren with Carmine, Victoria is upset by Victor's decision, and Tyler can't forgive Gus.

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At home, Michael and Lauren discuss not making love last night. He's more worried about the distance between them, and wants to start counseling. She suggests they go away instead. Michael asks why she wants to do that when she can hardly stand being in bed with him. She makes a pitch for going away. He won't go.

Christine and Paul discuss Lauren and Paul and On The Boulevard. Carmine listens nearby. Chris kisses Paul and leaves. Later, Lauren arrives and tells Carmine to stop texting her and flirting with her. Paul appears and asks what's going on. He grills Lauren about the bartender. Lauren just admits to opening up to Carmine about her problems while staying at the Club.

Noah goes to the station to ask Alex about Adriana - he thinks she's in trouble. He tries to convince Alex that this disappearance is different. Alex tells him to open his eyes - she's gone, and he was an easy mark. Noah protests. Alex says you can't trust a word she says - she'll use anyone to get what she wants. Later, Christine and Michael meet up and bicker over what he calls a 'cut and dry case'. She reminds him she's now the D.A. and some things are out of his control. Paul arrives and chats with Michael about Lauren - he hopes it all works out. Michael leaves Lauren a message and then discusses a case with Christine involving an affair. Christine says, "If your spouse is cheating on you, on some level you know it."

Leslie and Neil take Gus for breakfast at On The Boulevard. Gus asks why Leslie became a lawyer. She says she decided at his trial 12 years ago. Tyler joins them. Gus raves about the bed he's sleeping in at the Club, but says he'll look for a place to rent today. Leslie invites him to move in with her. Tyler's irritated at them acting like a happy family and rants that Gus made their lives a living hell back in the day. Gus says twelve years in the joint is a long time to think about the hell you put your family through. Neil pipes up that he hurt his family while drinking, but Lily forgave him. Tyler thinks Lily may be a better person than he is. Gus asks how he can make it right. Tyler walks out. Leslie tells Gus he has her. Gus says she has her momma's heart, but Tyler's like him.

Billy and Vikki are at the hospital - she's making sure he's up for all the needles and side effects she'll have for the fertility treatments. Vikki says she's craving something and kisses him.

Victor enters Adam's hospital room. Adam asks why he came. Victor heard he's being released and wonders if Chelsea's picking him up. Adam says they're not together - if he's looking for another Newman heir he'll have to go elsewhere. Victor doesn't think he can manage his huge house and offers to sell him the penthouse. They dicker over price and settle on 1.5 million. Victoria enters as they're shaking on it. Victor tells her Adam's moving into the penthouse and there will be other changes as well. Billy enters as Victor announces he and Adam are no longer fighting. "He's my son, he's a Newman." Victoria isn't thrilled - especially when she learns they will work side-by-side at Newman. Victor tells her Adam got the company back from Jack Abbott. Adam invites her to join them. She refuses, saying she and Billy are working on a project. Vikki and Billy leave and she rants, "What could Dad be thinking?" Billy thinks they seem sincere, but doesn't care if Satan and Satan Jr make life hell for themselves. Billy tells her to forget them. Inside, Adam tells Victor that Victoria thinks he's signed a deal with the devil. Victor chuckles, "Maybe we both have."

At home, Lauren is stunned to find Carmine at her door. He says they're friends, and he brought her a goodbye present. He adds that there will always be a glass of champagne with her name on it. He steps in to give her a passionate kiss as Paul arrives in the hallway. Lauren puts Carmine out, and he tells Paul he was returning Lauren's credit card.

At The Underground, Noah tells Tyler he's a sucker for giving someone a second chance. They toast to not letting someone into your life you can't trust.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor vows to Wheeler that he'll bring him down.

Lily tells Tyler he deserves good things in his life and he kisses her.

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