Relationship Role Model Avenue.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Abby worries about Summer, Avery has an answer, and Lauren sees Carmine.

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Sharon stops into the tackhouse for a permission slip and finds the engagement ring Nick bought.

At The Underground, Avery tells Nick she still needs time. He jokes that the anticipation keeps him on his toes. Avery spots Dylan and becomes business-like. Nick leaves to meet Sharon. Dylan tells Avery he heard them discussing the engagement - Nick's a lucky man. Avery says Nick proposed, but she hasn't said yes. Dylan wonders what's holding her back. Avery talks about what happened with them when she was married before, and worries about the chances of a marriage lasting. Dylan says his parents were proof it can work and he intends to have that too. Avery says Nick was married to her sister and has several failed marriages. Dylan says only she knows if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

At Crimson Lights, Summer schemes with her friend about how to get Kyle to notice her. Chloe and Kevin emerge from the back pawing each other. Chelsea arrives and tells Chloe her shirt is on backward. Once properly dressed, Chloe presses Chelsea for details about her one-night stand - she still thinks it was Cane. Chelsea says it wasn't Cane, but won't say anything more. Chelsea tells Chloe he's cute, but she won't be trapping him with a baby that isn't his. Chloe says she needs a plan to keep the baby to herself.

Abby teases Kyle about his business-y side at Jabot. Talk turns to Summer. He says they are permanently in the friendzone and will stay fully-clothed from now on. Abby gasps, "Summer got naked?" She rants and Kyle wonders why it's even her business. Abby is concerned about Summer and says she's just a kid. Summer appears in a sexy red dress. Kyle makes a beeline out of there and Abby tells Summer to leave him alone and move on. Abby lets her know she's heard about her hitting on him and says he's interested in someone else.

Nick arrives at the tackhouse and Sharon questions him about the engagement ring. He says it's none of her business, but admits he already asked Avery - she's thinking it through. Sharon talks about their track records and suggests he spend time alone. Nick won't let Avery go. Later, Abby arrives and tells Nick that Summer is hammering at Kyle - she's not giving up. Nick comments, and Abby asks if he really wants to go down Relationship Role Model Avenue. She says Summer is a harasser - Newmans have an entitlement gene. Abby goes and Nick decides to go find Summer. Avery appears - she has her answer - yes! Nick hollers the news out the door.

At home, Michael tells Lauren they have the place to themselves. She has a quick Jabot meeting. Michael says Jack's out of town and wonders if something else is going on. Lauren insists she's meeting Kyle on legit business - she'll come straight home after. She kisses him and goes. Kevin arrives and Michael confronts him about not being able to pay his power bill. Kevin says he paid it and they're moving home soon. He claims business is up, and changes the subject to Lauren.

Lauren arrives at the Club and spots Carmine. She says if she'd known he was working she wouldn't have come. He says it's hard for him to see her too. Carmine wants to be friends. Lauren says they can't be friends. He asks why she's there then. Kyle arrives and she sends him to their table before warning Carmine to keep his distance.

Summer returns to meet her friend at Crimson Lights. She tells her Kyle's eyes bugged out when he saw her dress - she doesn't see how the person he's interested in could compare. They wonder if she's older. Summer tells her friend she wants Kyle to be her first.

At home, Michael pours Lauren wine and jokes, "Be generous in tipping your bartender." Lauren coughs. She gets a text from Carmine but turns her attention back to Michael.

Sharon arrives at The Underground to break the news to Dylan that Nick proposed to Avery. He wonders why she thought he should know. Sharon says he obviously stayed in town for a woman... He admits he thought he'd come and sweep Avery off her feet. He says Avery hasn't accepted Nick's proposal.

Abby returns to Jabot and reads Kyle the riot act for checking out Summer in her dress - if she'd been online he'd have licked the screen. Kyle protests. Abby tells 'screenlicker' he needs to prove he's unobtainable. His fake girlfriend needs to become real.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam says to Victor, "You didn't come here to see me do a circus act, so why are you here Dad?"

Christine says to Michael, "If your spouse is cheating on you, on some level you know it."

Lauren tells Carmine, "Leave me alone," at On The Boulevard. Paul appears and asks her what's going on.

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