You're My Son.

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Victor makes nice with Adam, Tyler resists supporting Gus, and Nick wants to be rid of Dylan.

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Neil and Leslie arrive at Jabot excited about Wheeler's imminent arrest. Tyler enters and Leslie tells him their dad's free. She and Neil explain about Wheeler being the real killer. Leslie hopes Tyler will forgive their father.

At The Underground, Nick and Avery talk about being alone later and kiss. Dylan enters. Avery learns Nick hired him. She bickers with Dylan while Nick takes a call, but they end up joking around about playing pool. Nick reappears as they're discussing a rematch. Later, Dylan thanks Nick again for the job and they discuss Avery. Nick observes that if you lie to her, she'll move on. Dylan says he didn't lie to her and he came to Genoa City to make sure she was okay. Nick says she is - she's with him. He suggests Dylan also find a day job as so he can leave town sooner. Dylan says his court case isn't for a month. Nick decides he'll use his name to get the Sheriff to drop the charges. Dylan says he'll take responsibility for his actions - no matter how long it takes.

Summer complains about her mother to Noah at Crimson Lights. Noah mentions getting his own place and Summer wants to move in. Noah nixes the idea. He goes to the counter and Summer sees Adriana send a naked picture to his phone.

At the hospital, Victor asks Adam why he took a bullet for him. Sharon arrives to discuss Newman. She tells Adam she's just keeping his seat warm. Victor mutters, "You got that right." Adam accuses Victor of only being there because of the company. Victor denies it. Sharon leaves. Victor tells Adam he still wonders why he'd save his life. Adam doesn't know what to tell him. Victor fills him in on Wheeler's guilt. Victor then says Adam's proven himself to be a hell of a businessman, but when he saved his life he also proved he's every bit a Newman - as much as Nicholas, Victoria, and Abby. He apologizes for taking this long to realize it. "You're my son." Adam admits he's waited to hear that. Victor talks about Adam growing up without a father. Victor knows how that is and apologizes for taking so long to accept him. Adam says if he means that, they should stop this war between them.

Avery arrives at Jabot and tells Leslie she called Gus. Tyler launches into a rant about how badly Gus treated Belinda. Avery says he didn't kill her; Wheeler did, so his parents are both victims. Tyler maintains that Gus was a bad guy. Leslie thinks he deserves a second chance. Avery warns they'll have to help him transition. Tyler scoffs, but Leslie says they'll do their best. Leslie and Tyler argue about being Gus's support system. Leslie goes to see Neil, who suggests she relax. Leslie's worried about relating to Gus. Neil reassures her.

At the Abbott house, Abby accuses Kyle of working from home to avoid Summer. He tells Abby about Summer's shirtless escapade. Abby says he needs to stay away from her and warns him to be prepared for more antics. Kyle isn't concerned. He goes up to shower and Summer arrives looking for a number to reach Phyllis and Jack. Abby tells her she'll text her the info. Summer pretends to go, but sneaks in the back as Abby leaves. Later, Kyle emerges from the shower to find Summer nude in his bed!

In his office, Wheeler's complaining to his lawyer by phone about the GCPD's harassement. Suddenly he asks, "What do you mean, bad news?" After, Wheeler tells someone by phone that there's a warrant for his arrest and if he goes down, he's taking Jack and Victor with him.

Tyler arrives at the prison to see Gus.

Dylan runs into Sharon at the coffee house. They catch up. Dylan mentions Avery's helping him with legal issues. Sharon says Nick must be thrilled. Dylan says he's staying for a month but may have reason to be there longer. Sharon asks, "You mean Avery?"

Avery arrives at The Underground to find Nick's set it up romantically. He pulls out a ring and proposes.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki asks Vikki if she's pregnant.

Wheeler tells Alex he never touched Belinda Rogan.

Avery tells Nick, "I don't know what to say." He muses, "You could say yes."

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