That Lady Is Married.

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Katherine takes a test, Jack is questioned and Adam wakes up.

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At the hospital, Chelsea tells Adam he's going to be a father and begs him to open his eyes. The machine beeps. She runs off for a nurse. Victoria has been listening, gobsmacked. The nurses arrive and clear the room. The women bicker and pace. Victoria says she won't forget that Adam saved her family. She says that he's a fighter and will claw his way back. A doctor comes out to say that Adam is coming around. When Chelsea returns to him, he asks for Sharon. He doesn't remember what she said. She walks out and lets Victoria in. She tells her brother that she owes him. "Thank you so much for saving Dad," she says. Chelsea is still on edge. Victoria wonders if she still wants a divorce. Chelsea is sure his heart is with Sharon.

At Gloworm, Nikki has a fit when she catches Sharon blabbing to the press about Adam's shooting. Victor joins his wife and growls. Sharon informs them that she is taking over for Adam on his orders. Nikki and Victor trash her. She trashes back. The mustache barks that she's 'disgusting' and taking advantage of his comatose son. "Newman is a family business and you are not family," he says. The newlyweds take a table and grumble. He promises his wife that whoever tried to kill him will be found. After Victor leaves, Nikki and Sharon bicker about the company. "When it comes to Victor, nothing last forever," Sharon says.

Paul and Alex drop by the Abbott house to chat with Jack about Wheeler. He's clueless. Alex asks him about his relationship with Wheeler's daughter. Jack admits he shared a kiss with Stephanie. They keep questioning him. Jack furrows his brow and has a flashback. He feels interrogated and wonders what this is about. Paul is vague. Jack clams up. Paul keeps pushing. Jack explains he was baked and has a weakness for redheads. He and Stephanie came to his place and passed out. Then she was gone. Once the cops leave, Jack calls Victor and orders him over. When the mustache gets there, Jack says he feels like the cops are closing in. Victor says they need to change tactics.

At Jabot, Cane has a fit when he catches Lily hugging Tyler. "That lady is married!" bellows Cane. Lily asks Tyler to go. He storms out. She explains things to her husband, who wishes she would draw a line with that guy. He doesn't want to talk and leaves. Ty returns as she fumbles with papers. They argue about Cane and she says they need to get past their issues. The topic turns back to his problems with his father but he doesn't want to discuss it anymore. He's just amazed that he's told her so much.

Back at the hospital, Katherine tries giving herself a pep talk. Her doctor arrives and they start the tests. Later, Cane arrives to check on her. She complains about the MRI but she's really afraid of the memory tests they are going to conduct next. The doc returns and they run through some questions. She does well. The doctor promises to be in touch. Cane tries to get her to be optimistic but she's not easily convinced. Katherine is grateful that he's there for her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"The ruling is coming down today," Avery informs Leslie.

Paul and Alex question Wheeler about his daughter.

"Dylan won't be going to Chicago. He's not going anywhere," Avery tells Nick.

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