Not Out Of The Woods.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Victoria wants to add to the Newman legacy, Michael confronts Lauren, and Chelsea admits Adam would like to see Sharon.

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At home Billy and Vikki question who attempted murder on Victor. Billy wonders if she wants to go see her dad or Adam. She says her dad wants her to stay home. She tearfully praises Billy for saving her family. Vikki is surprised that she hopes Adam is okay too. Billy reminds her that he's still her brother. She realizes that today was a wake-up call and there are changes that they can make. The talk turns to their parents. She wants to cherish the time she has and wants to add to the legacy with their baby. Something is missing and they agree to try again.

In a booth at Crimson Lights Chelsea takes a call from Sharon. She informs her that Adam's been shot. She needs to come to the hospital.

Victor makes a call from the hospital demanding to know who tried to blow up his family. Sharon comes in and Victor leaves. She prays out loud for Adam's life. He has so much to live for. Soon Chelsea arrives and Sharon fills her in on Adam's condition. Chelsea thanks Sharon and questions who would like to kill Victor. Victor comes into the waiting room and wonders the same thing. Sharon questions why Adam would risk his life for him. Chelsea interjects and shares that Adam wanted his love and needed a father. Victor brings up Hope and confesses that she wanted to raise him in Kansas and that's why he wasn't there for him. The two girls continue to press Victor. He admits he felt bad but Adam wreaked havoc on his family and had a business plan to take over Newman. Chelsea reminds him that the business was the only connection he had with his dad and now he's fighting for his life. She drops her purse and her pre-natal vitamins almost fall out. Chelsea catches it quickly before Victor announces that he wants nothing more than for Adam to survive. Nick overhears - he couldn't stay away. Victor tells Chelsea not to say disparaging things about his family. The surgeon comes in with an update. Adam's stable but not out of the woods. He can see one visitor - the surgeon leaves it to the family to work out who. Nick heads out. Chelsea challenges Victor and admits only one person has stood by Adam and that's Sharon. Chelsea only wants the best for him. She believes he wants to see Sharon's face when he wakes up.

Nick and Avery discuss the roundabout marriage proposal in his home. They joke then mention how close they came to not being around. He knows what happened at the ranch is bigger than her and her case. Meanwhile, Dylan drops off a package for Faith at the door. Nick catches him. He tells Nick and Avery he's heading back to Chicago. When Nick leaves Avery asks Dylan if it's really good-bye. She tearfully admits that part of her died when she heard he was killed in Afghanistan. He's sorry but he had to see how she moved on. It was difficult realizing she had. She wonders what they should do now. Can they be friends? No, he won't put himself through that. She cries it's the last time she'll see him. They hug good-bye. Later Nick returns and updates Avery on Adam. He then admits when he looks at his future she's in it.

At home Lauren tries to cover up her love bite from Carmine. Michael wanders in and points out the time. She tries to bolt and he demands she stop - every time he wants to talk she heads for the door. She feels pressured but he thinks they need professional help. She disagrees and Michael admits he won't go on like this anymore. She doesn't know how a therapist can help. He suggests she hasn't been honest. She fidgets and he realizes he makes her uncomfortable. She needs time. She brings up Fen and the fact that he didn't listen. He screams at her about what's best and wonders if she doesn't love him anymore. He wants to know what's going on. She tries to run out but Michael saves her the trouble and leaves.

At the coffee shop Chelsea runs into Dylan. She hands him his missing Saint Christopher medal. He's glad they ran into each other and kisses her on the cheek before heading out.

Genoa City Spoilers for tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil confronts Marcus Wheeler about Belinda Rogan being just a volunteer.

Adam wakes up and has to ask Sharon a question.

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