Boys Are Idiots.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Adam saves Victor, Summer gets a lecture and so does Noah.

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Bob is trying to get out of the Newman place when he bumps into Nick. Nick vaguely recognizes him. Bob pulls a gun. He tries to shoot Victor but Adam lurches in front of him and takes the bullet. The gun is wrestled away and an ambulance is called. "We're all dead," Bob says as Nick and Vicki demand answers from him. Alex starts reading Bob his rights. He calls Paul over. Nick keeps questioning bald Bob, who continues chuckling. Billy smells gas. Victor yells at everyone to leave. Billy searches for the gas while Alex leads people out. Nick and Victor argue about moving Adam. Nikki refuses to leave. She and the mustache argue with each other about it until she gets woozy so Victor leads her out. Meanwhile, Billy gets down to the basement. After he turns off the gas, he notices the bomb next to it. He only has five seconds on the time so he just randomly cuts a cord. That actually works. He goes upstairs. Paul and the EMT have arrived. Vicki hugs her man. Victor returns and starts punching and threatening Bob, who looks bored. After everyone heads out, Paul and Alex keep questioning and threatening Bob. Paul says that he takes what he almost did to Nikki personally.

At Newman, Phyllis is furious when she catches Kyle with her shirtless daughter. She takes him into the hall for a lecture. Kyle insists he has not been leading Summer on; she just spilled coffee on herself. Red is sure that Summer will keep throwing herself at him and asks him to stay away. After he leaves, she calls Nick for parental assistance. Summer overhears, pouts and complains. Phyllis lectures her but keeps putting her foot in her mouth. She won't let her daughter be an idiot like she was. The mother thinks her daughter's first time should be special. Summer doubts Daniel got this lecture. "Boys are idiots," says Phyllis, who explains that sex with a boy who doesn't care about her would hurt. Summer tries ignoring her but the one-way conversation continues. Eventually, she leaves and Phyllis calls Jack to cancel their trip.

Kyle meets Abby at the club. She's in tears and tells him about the bloody wedding. Wheeler listens in and sips his scotch. Kyle gets a text from Summer and guffaws. Alex shows up and Abby wonders why he isn't doing something more useful. He tells her that only Adam was hurt and he just wanted to check on her. She's frazzled. He promises things will be okay and the shooter will talk.

Noah heads home and talks to Sharon about the wedding. She waves the panties she found on the couch at him. His mom can't believe he's involved with Adriana again. He reminds her of her own romantic mishaps. Later, Nick and Avery show up. He tells her to stay there and fills Sharon in about Adam being shot. She leaves. He calls the hospital for an update. Avery was scared for him. Nick is sure that this is all connected to her case. She doesn't want to discuss that so he reminds her about the bouquet she caught and asks her if she would marry him if it was the last day on earth. She didn't think that was a real proposal. "You want it to be?" he asks.

Billy and Vicki go home. She says she will never forget what he did tonight. He can't imagine life without her and the kids. Billy makes a joke about how Adam had to take a bullet to get on Victor's good side.

Summer meets up with Noah at Crimson. They complain about their mothers. She starts dishing out advice, telling him to dump Adriana. They worry about whether or not they are actually too much like their moms.

Nikki and Victor are at the hospital. She won't leave him alone. Sharon shows up, desperate to see Adam. They fill her in. A doctor comes out to say Adam's lung needs to be repaired. Victor asks him to save his son. They wait around. When Adam is wheeled by on the way to surgery, Sharon whispers in his ear.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"You want to tell me where you've been?" Michael asks Lauren.

"Are you asking me if we can be friends?" Mac asks Avery.

"I don't understand any of this. Who would want to kill Victor?" Chelsea asks. "That's what I'm trying to find out," Victor says.

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