Do Not Disappoint Me.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Wheeler sends Bob on an errand, Ashley returns to see her brother and Nikki marries Victor.

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At home, Nick and Faith go over wedding details. He calls down the other children. Avery shows up and helps him put on a tie. He worries about Wheeler and the case. Once the kids are ready, they head out.

Wheeler's in his office with Bob, eager to make sure the Belinda Rogan mess disappears. "Do not disappoint me," Wheeler says.

Michael helps Lauren put on her necklace at their place. She's awkward and fussy.

At home, Victoria advises Billy about how to look after the kid. She wonders why he's rushing her out. As soon as she's gone, he makes a call.

Jack is on the phone at the office when his sister shows up. He apologizes for what happened the last time they saw each other. All that power made him high and nasty. Now he feels like he's on the right path. She's a little concerned about his personal life. Phyllis arrives just in time to hear this. She defends their revamped relationship as 'a breath of fresh air'. Jack reassures his sister and then gets called down to shipping. Ashley tells Red how grateful she is for all she's done for Jack. Phyllis suspects she has something else on her mind. After some prompting, Ashley tells her that she's selfish for taking advantage of Jack at his most vulnerable.

At the Newman estate, Abby is teasing Victor about his new age wedding. He says this one will be legal and then waxes philosophically. Moments later, Billy shows up. Victor's not thrilled to see him. Billy has brought a surprise guest.

Upstairs, Nikki sits before her mirror and recalls one of her former weddings to Victor. Abby and Victoria arrive with some fun, found, fuzzy and round objects. They hand her some jewelry and Vikki tells her mom that she's her hero. Nikki muses about her 'wacky family'. She's ready to hang up her bouquet after today. Abby says she and Victor prove that marriage must be worth it. Billy shows up with Reed. Everyone fawns over the kid. Vikki kisses her husband. Reed thinks that are all corny.

Nick, his family and Avery arrive downstairs. They chat with Victor. He says he's as excited as the day he first set eyes on Nikki. Eric Forrester shows up. Summer babbles to him. After copping an eyeful of her, he escapes. Abby orders the servants to keep the drinks coming. Alex comes over to spin around in his suit and flirt with her. Nick watches and scowls. Avery tells him to behave himself. The ceremony gets under way. As the music plays, Nikki stops at the top of the stairs for a moment to take it all in. Vikki hands her the bouquet. When the wedding march plays, Nikki makes her way down. The clergyman cracks a joke and then speaks of how they have triumphed over adversity. Nikki tells them all about their wedding last week. She's sure that they are meant to be together. Slipping on her glasses, she reads him a poem. He says they have enjoyed the best of what life can offer and overcome all challenges. She is his past and future. He'll cherish every day they have. They kiss. Bob looms in the back as the ceremony concludes. The couple kisses. Everyone applauds.

Spoilers for tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"Your brother doesn't need a bodyguard," Phyllis tells Ashley. Ash doesn't think Red has his best interests at heart.

"He's waging war right after the wedding," warns Adam. "That's today," Jack points out. "Then it's time we go on the offensive," says Adam.

Victor an Nikki cut the cake.

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