Let's Jump Off That Cliff...

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Jack looks for answers, Michael irritates Lauren, and Anita learns a secret.

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In her suite, Chelsea dreams that Adam arrives at the door saying he figured it out - she's pregnant. He tells her to come back to the mansion or he'll have her declared unfit. She yelps and wakes up. Later, Anita arrives to find her sketching baby clothes. Chelsea's bothered by Anita's perfume. Anita realizes she's pregnant. Chelsea reluctantly admits it and swears her to secrecy.

At the ranch, Nick wonders why Victor is dragging his feet on the Wheeler stuff - is he risking the life of the woman he loves to protect himself. Victor denies it.

At home, Sharon tells a distracted Dylan to take time to visit his father. Dylan tells her his father died today. He says he'll leave town when he finishes this job.

At the Club, Lauren tells Carmine she's moving home. He hates that she broke up with him. She tells him they were never together. Carmine wishes her well. Later, Abby arrives and spars with Carmine. She guesses his new woman is Lauren and rants about her being married. Carmine tells her to move on. Alex breaks up their argument. Abby admits she used to date Carmine. Alex complains about being unemployed. Victor appears. Abby introduces them and Alex takes a call. Abby tells Victor she has an idea for Nikki's next 'wedding'.

Michael sets a romantic scene at home. Lauren arrives. Michael has ideas to make things right. Lauren rejects seeing a marriage counselor and says he's suffocating her.

Phyllis tells Jack his marketing ideas are great and moves to leave his office quickly. Jack accuses her of trying to 'handle' him and assures her he won't go back on pills. Phyllis admits she's afraid. Jack tells her they deserve a chance and he's falling in love with her again. Phyllis smiles. She says he's so wonderful to her. He wants to take it further. "Let's jump off that cliff..." Later, Jack phones to set up a romantic getaway.

Nick arrives home and tells Noah that Avery's in danger because of her case. Noah thinks there must be a way to look out for her. Noah leaves and returns. Nick's talked to forensics - they should be able to find the person who cut the brakes through the pliers.

At the Club, Wheeler talks to someone about all the marks being in one place at the same time - like at a wedding... Later, Adam watches as Victor enters and confronts Wheeler about Avery's troubles and the flag pin. Wheeler threatens to alert the media about him hiring his daughter. Victor tells him to go ahead. Wheeler doesn't think he can connect him to Avery, but Victor assures him he will. Adam joins Victor, who thanks him for the framed newspaper article and complains about him harassing him. Adam says it's the only quality time they spend together.

Adam arrives home to Sharon telling him she'll be moving home the next day. He says she'll be missed. She asks him what's wrong. Adam tells her everything about Jack and Wheeler's daughter. He wonders what lengths Victor will go to keep the secret and says he thinks there's something off about Wheeler. Sharon sighs - he needs to stop coming up with ways to prove himself to his father. Later, Wheeler arrives, summoned there for a campaign donation. Adam mentions his dealings with Victor. Wheeler says he's good - he should consider politics.

Phyllis tells Lauren, at Crimson Lights, that she may be falling for Jack again and frets. Lauren's distracted and tells Phyllis she's done something she's not proud of. Phyllis urges her to tell Michael - he'll forgive her. Lauren backtracks. Phyllis tells her horrible things will follow you and ruin your life unless you deal with them.

Chelsea finds Dylan at the Club bar and offers to lend him an ear.

Lauren returns home to Michael, who is determined not to smother her. She gets a text from Carmine and smiles. Michael asks if there's something she wants to talk about. Lauren says yes, she should be honest with him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan tells Chelsea he could use a friend.

Nikki's doctor has her test results. She asks if she can go home.

At the Club, Paul asks Lauren if she'd like a drink. She says, "No. Why?" He replies that she keeps looking at the bartender.

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