A Good Fake Man...

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Chloe encourages Chelsea, Cane makes a decision, and Dylan visits Avery.

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Dylan goes through his father's things in his room. He cries over the St. Christopher medallion.

At the tackhouse, Nick confirms there are no leads on who cut Avery's brakes, and adds the police think she should drop the case. Avery refuses. He vows to protect her.

Lily wakes late at home and Cane says he got the kids off to school. He tells Lily he's decided not to work with Chelsea anymore. They feel silly about their jealousy. Lily reassures him she would never cheat.

At Crimson Lights Chelsea tells Chloe she didn't tell Adam about the baby. Chloe says they'll find the baby a father - persuading someone to play daddy won't come cheap. Chelsea points out Adam will become suspicious when she starts showing - she has to tell him. Chloe says he'll make her life an American horror story. They talk about finding a guy - Chloe says she just has to sleep with a hot guy, or lie that she did. Chelsea turns around to see Cane. He says he was looking for her. She says she was just thinking about him. Cane informs her they won't be working together anymore. She asks if Lily was uncomfortable - it's sweet he's doing this.

In her suite, Leslie frets over her father calling. Neil tries to calm her. She says it won't be long before he knows she's in Genoa City. Neil urges her to go and see him first to find out what he wants - he'll go with her. Tyler arrives. Neil goes. Leslie fills Tyler in on the latest. Tyler thinks Wheeler told Gus where to find them.

Nick confronts Wheeler about the things happening to Avery at the Club. He urges him to come clean. They bicker about why Wheeler's in town and his stake in the case. Nick vows to come after him if Avery gets hurt. Later, Wheeler is about to leave when Leslie asks to speak to him. They go upstairs and Leslie tells him Gus knows where she is so she's going to see him. Wheeler's pleased. After, Tyler returns and Leslie says she lied to Wheeler. They bicker again about whether their father is guilty and decide not to run again.

Neil meets Lily at work and asks if everything is okay - she came in late. Lily says Cane has some news for him - she hopes he's okay with it.

At the ranch, Victor receives a framed newspaper article about Wheeler's daughter with a card; "Just to keep you on your toes." Later, Neil arrives asking about Marcus Wheeler. They discuss his presence in town and guarded demeanor.

Lily arrives at Crimson Lights as Cane finishes talking to Chelsea. Once alone, Chloe confronts Chelsea about having the hots for Cane. She thinks Chelsea should name him as the baby daddy. Chelsea says that would be the old Chelsea. "A good fake man is hard to find."

Avery is startled at her apartment by Dylan. He tells her his dad died that morning. She's stunned and throws her arms around him. He says he'd brought him to Genoa City, and spent the whole day talking to him, and the night, but he left for coffee and he died. Avery says he knew Dylan hated goodbyes. They discuss his father's business and how Dylan dreamed of being an architect. Avery urges him to follow his passion. Dylan asks about her ransacked apartment. Nick arrives and Dylan asks if the break-in relates to the case she's on. Nick says he's got it covered. Avery insists she's fine. Dylan goes. Avery tells Nick his father died. Nick is upset she came to the apartment. She shows him that she found an American flag pin.

Back at the tackhouse, Nick says Wheeler is hiding something. Avery wonders if he had something to do with the murder. Nick knows someone who might know. Avery gets a call from Leslie.

Nick arrives at the ranch and tells Victor that Wheeler's gone too far. He shows him the pin and says they need to stop him. Victor cautions they need solid proof - have let him make a mistake first.

At home, Lily and Cane discuss being 'that couple'. Lily says she won't work with Tyler anymore either.

Dylan arrives at the coffee house and checks out Chelsea's designs. She asks if he's an architect. He's not sure, and thinks he may leave town. She says that's too bad.

At the Club, Avery tells Leslie she'll go with her to see Gus. On the stairs, Wheeler tells someone to move forward with 'the project'.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Phyllis he knows exactly what she's up to and it's got to stop right now.

Dylan tells Sharon his father died.

Nick asks Victor why he's dragging his feet on this. "Are you risking the life of the woman I love to protect yourself?"

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