Monday, March 11th, 2013

Phyllis asks Kevin's opinion, Avery's in danger, and Chelsea meets Dylan.

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Avery awakens on the tackhouse sofa. Nick tells her it was nice to see her there when he got home last night. She says she thinks someone's following her, but she lost him. Nick warns it's because of this case. Avery feels it means she's right - she needs to find out who wants to keep that man in prison. Nick wants her to get off the case - she's in danger. Avery rants that everyone wants her to walk away! She tells him Gus Rogan is Leslie's father. Nick says if his own kids think he's guilty... Avery insists she's wrong - he's not responsible. Nick asks if she's willing to bet Tyler and Leslie's safety on that.

Neil finds Leslie in a suite at the Club - her super told him she'd moved out. He notices her packing and asks if she's planning to take off. They argue. She says she has to go now and get a head start. Neil insists he'll protect her. Leslie impresses on him how dangerous her father is. They go back and forth. Neil implores her to trust him. They kiss and then make love. After, Neil tells her he's glad she's letting him in - he hopes she chooses to stay there with him. Leslie answers her phone and throws it - it was her father. The phone rings again. Leslie says, "He found me. And this time he won't let me get away."

Chelsea looks for Chloe at Crimson Lights. Kevin talks to her about Adam being a jerk. She turns to go and runs into Dylan, who is surprised to find that Kevin knows he's working on Sharon's place. Chelsea's car is dead so Dylan offers to look at it. Kevin teases her for handing over her car keys so readily. Dylan returns - her battery's dead. He offers her a ride.

In the hospital, Nikki and Abby explain to the nurse about the series of unofficial weddings Victor has planned. Abby steps out and Victor tells her there's a glitch with the minister. Abby tells him Nikki is focused on his epic displays of love instead of her illness. She goes back to Nikki and suggests she let Nick and Victoria know she's there. She doesn't want to. Abby rambles until Victor appears with Justice Clarice Collins. Nikki tells Victor, with a big smile, that he's terrible. "Let's get married." Clarice Collins does the ceremony while the nurse hums. Nikki beams and then Victor kisses the bride. Abby and Clarice join the nurse for a rendition of 'When The Saints Go Marching In'.

At the Club, Jack asks Phyllis if she's avoiding him. He wants to know what's wrong so he can fix it. Phyllis admits she was scared by him ordering the wine last night. Jack thought he could handle it. Phyllis doesn't understand why he'd risk it. Jack complains he was feeling festive. Phyllis thinks being with her isn't as good as he may believe. Jack says it wasn't oxycodone he ordered. Phyllis wonders what Nikki and Neil would say. She takes off. Chelsea and Dylan pass her. Dylan tells Chelsea he grew up with her. Chelsea says Genoa City is a strange place. Dylan says he likes it so far - seems like a place to settle down and raise kids. Chelsea tears up. Dylan sits her down and offers to listen. She just wants to forget about it. He tells her it's okay to have heart and not ever to lose it.

Nick and Avery arrive at her place to find the door ajar - the place has been trashed. Nick intones, "Call the police." Avery thinks it was a thief. Nick tells her she's coming to stay at the ranch. He wants to get the word out that she's not reppin' Gus Rogan anymore - she's not a threat. Avery's livid and says she is a threat - she's more determined than ever.

Phyllis arrives at Crimson Lights and asks Kevin for a case of brownies to eat herself into a coma. He wonders if she had to move a dead body. Phyllis asks if her bad day is funny to him. She asks if he would mind if someone he knew dated her. Kevin muses that she's hot, but she's toxic. Phyllis ignores a call from Jack. Kevin gets her food and they argue over whether she's called him 'chipmunk'. Phyllis asks again if he'd like someone he knows to date her. He shrugs if they wanted to be in a pit of despair, then it would be fine.

Kyle find Jack sulking at home. Jack admits it's Phyllis, who seems to think he'll go back on pills. Jack says he wants her more than ever.

Dylan arrives at the hospital to see his father, only to be told he passed away thirty minutes ago.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick warns Wheeler that if anything happens to Avery, he'll come after him.

Neil tells Leslie, "He called your cellphone. It doesn't mean he knows where you are." She doesn't think it will be long before he knows she's in Genoa City.

Dylan tells Avery he thinks the person who made the mess in her apartment is the same one who cut her brakes.

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