Tell The Reptile You're Having His Baby.

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Chelsea visits Adam, Lauren and Michael reconcile, and Avery's scared.

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At the Club, Victor tells Abby he needs her help with a plan to keep Nikki optimistic until they can wed. He's planned a series of surprise events. Nearby, Avery stops Leslie - she knows that she and Tyler are Gus Rogan's children. Leslie begs her to leave it alone - he's not innocent. They argue. Leslie says he'll come looking for them if he gets out. Avery says he can't rot in prison for something he didn't do! Leslie hisses that she saw him murder her mother. They continue debating. Avery thinks Gus was trying to revive her when she saw him. Leslie tells Avery if she unleashes a killer and destroys their lives, it's on her.

In the coffee shop, Chelsea worries to Chloe about being a single mother. They talk about telling Adam. Chloe thinks Chelsea would regret being up front with him. Chelsea says he can be compassionate and sweet. Chloe says she's still in love with him. Chelsea says it doesn't matter, and feels he might be fine with sharing custody. Chloe shrugs. "Then tell the reptile you're having his baby." Chelsea asks Chloe what she really thinks. Chloe suggests she find some John Studly to play poppa and keep Adam in the dark. Chelsea moans that her child's life would be a lie. She thinks she has to tell Adam.

At home, Lauren's upset at being deceived. Michael hollers that he's glad it got her there and proves she cares about him. She insists she needs more time to think. Michael asks for assurances that they're not done. Lauren's not sure. Michael says everything was perfect except for a brief period of misunderstanding - how can that undo years of being right for each other? Lauren tells Michael, "It's not you, it's me." Michael asks if she's fallen out of love with him. She says no and cries. Michael takes her hand. "Let's fix this." They cuddle and kiss and he carries her to the bedroom. Carmine texts her about how beautiful she is. Later, Lauren comes out from the bedroom and reads it. Michael appears. She lies that it was a telemarketer and texts Carmine not to text anymore - it's over.

At the ranch, Nikki comes downstairs calling out to Victor and has blurred vision. "Not again." She calls Victor to tell him. He says he'll send an ambulance over and meet her at the hospital.

Leslie finds Tyler at Jabot and asks him what if they made a horrible mistake - what if everything they believed all these years is wrong? She tells him about Avery, and says she's right - she didn't actually see him kill her; he could have been trying to help her. Tyler says he was never innocent of anything. Leslie says he has a picture of them - that's how Avery put it together. Tyler says he'll come after them if he gets out of prison. Leslie says they'll have to disappear again. Tyler doesn't want to. Leslie thinks he has feelings for Lily. She says they have to think about her safety, and Neil's.

Sharon comes downstairs at Adam's place - he's frustrated trying to figure out how to replace her at Newman. Sharon thinks it's about him feeling alone. They talk about Chelsea. Adam says she's moved on. Sharon asks if she came back to him, would he take her back? Sharon tells him she's off to the Club. Adam thinks it's ridiculous to leave at night. There's a knock - it's Chelsea. She says they need to talk and it can't wait. Awkwardness ensues and Sharon excuses herself. Adam asks Chelsea what's so important and they talk about letting each other down. He asks what she needs. She says she came to tell him Jabot is financing the start-up of her company - she doesn't need his money. They talk about turning off the feelings they had. Chelsea tells him he chose himself - she won't bother him again. Outside she cries.

At the hospital, Abby and Victor greet Nikki, promising not to call Vikki and Nick and worry them. Abby goes. Victor asks Nikki for the truth. She admits she's afraid they won't get married. Abby reappears in a preacher get-up carrying a bouquet and a bible. Victor says they'll get married every day until she's well enough to walk down the aisle. Abby performs the ceremony.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse and finds Sharon there. Avery says she thinks someone's following her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Jack they got divorced for a reason - being with her isn't as good for him as he believes.

Avery says to Nick, "Brake line, someone tailing me. This means I'm right. I think someone's following me."

At the hospital, the minister who married Kevin and Angelina says to Nikki and Victor, "Let's have a wedding!"

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