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Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Nikki's doctor weighs in, Sharon makes a big decision, and Kevin helps Michael.

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Lauren and Carmine are making out in bed when Michael knocks and calls out to her. He hammers on the door and hollers that he's not leaving until she opens the door. Lauren tells Carmine to hide and answers the door. She says she can't do this now and tells him to just go. Michael says he loves her and leaves. Carmine doesn't want to let a little husband interruptus ruin their fun. Lauren moans that she's betrayed the man she loves twice. Carmine says something made her come to him. He advises her to cool off before going to Michael. He kisses her. Lauren says she can't keep doing this. Carmine says it's the best it's ever been with her - he feels a connection. Lauren says he has to leave. He does.

At the ranch, Nikki is unconscious on the sofa. Vikki calls for an ambulance while Billy calls her doctor. Nikki comes around and tells them to cancel the paramedics. Victor still wants the doctor to come. Nikki's irritable over the fuss. They try to talk her into postponing the wedding. Victor listens as Nikki tells Vikki she wants to get married tomorrow - otherwise the MS might prevent her from getting married ever. The doctor arrives. Victor whispers to Vikki that the wedding will be too much for her. Vikki says not getting married might be worse. The doctor declares that her blood pressure's high - he warned about avoiding stress. Nikki asks about the wedding. The doctor insists she hold off until her strength is back. Nikki's put out. They reassure her. Victor holds her. "It's just a temporary setback." Once alone, Nikki flashes back to their past weddings and cries. Victor phones someone and says the wedding had to be postponed and he needs their help to cheer Nikki up.

At home, Adam tells Sharon his life is in two halves - before Victor and after Victor. Sharon says she changed too. Adam says they're a lot alike. Sharon says she's always been with powerful men and she's afraid that being in his orbit, she may not finish what she started. Sharon doesn't think she should work at Newman anymore, or live there with him. She insists that's the way it will be. Adam understands. Sharon's intrigued that he's not upset. He replies, "Who says I'm not?" Sharon wonders why he's willing to let her go so easily. Adam's glad she feels ready to get out there on her own, and glad to have had a hand in it. Sharon says his mom would be proud of him. Sharon tells him he deserves to have love in his life. She urges him not to listen to Victor's voice in his head telling him he's not good enough. Adam chuckles that he's also in his DNA. She says, "So is Hope." Adam will miss Sharon, and hopes she's never completely out of his life.

At Crimson Lights, Michael tells Kevin his marriage is over. Kevin says people like them don't get divorced. Michael beats himself up - he used Fen as a target for his own self-loathing. Kevin reminds him Fen was bullying Jamie and he prevented him from going down a bad path. Fen's forgiven him and Lauren will too. Michael chuckles at Kevin being so wise. Kevin has an idea. He calls Lauren and tells him Michael is really down and he's worried he'll do something stupid. Kevin says she needs to go home immediately.

Lauren arrives at home, knocks, and lets herself in. Michael has a romantic scene set. He tells her Kevin lied, and asks her to stay.

Vikki and Billy arrive home making calls about the wedding postponement. Vikki tells Billy she's scared to death about her mom. He reminds her they can manage the MS. Vikki says she can't avoid stress when you're about to marry a world-class stress generator.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Victor she's afraid they're not going to get married. He says he has a solution for that.

Sharon asks Adam if Chelsea did come back to him, would he take her back?

Michael tells Lauren it's obvious she's terrified by something and he doesn't have a clue what that thing is.

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