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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Lauren refuses Michael, Nikki's specialist weighs in, and the rehearsal dinner begins.

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At home, Michael leaves Lauren yet another voicemail - this time he wants to talk about Nikki and Victors wedding.

In her suite, Lauren thinks about what happened with Carmine and holds her head while pacing.

At the Club bar, Abby and Carmine spar verbally. She snarks that the police are really good at chasing away bad memories. Alex arrives to meet her. They chat about Adriana. Abby says she used to be like her - she once rode her horse through there! He asks her about Carmine. Abby sighs. She admits she was using him to make Carmine jealous, but now she's not. Abby has to go to the rehearsal dinner and invites him to come to the wedding with her. Alex would rather play pinball at Jimmy's for a first date. She says that sounds great.

Dylan gets his dad settled in his hospital room in Genoa City. He insists he didn't bring him there to die. His father is sure he's dying.They discuss Avery. His father says he'll have some hard decisions to make about the house and business. They talk about when Dylan came back alive. His father's so proud. Dylan goes to the gift shop and returns with a ball cap. His dad isn't conscious. He feels his hand and then calls Charlie to sell the company.

Victor kisses Nikki while she plays piano at the ranch. She wonders how long until she can't play anymore. He has a specialist coming to see her. Later, the specialist tells her she's in the early stages of MS and nerve damage is minimal. She may even go into remission on her own. He advises avoiding stress and paying attention to any bodily changes. After, Nikki is frustrated that there is nothing she can do about this. Victor doesn't want to worry now. They get ready for the rehearsal dinner and Victor puts a diamond necklace on her while talking about beauty and strength.

Billy's on his sofa - he has Victoria's flu. She insists he get better - she's not going without him; Dad wants them all there. Billy whines. Victoria says he needs to be there for her. "Drink!"

Adam tells Sharon about the amenities in his house. She laughs and asks him to help carry in her bags. Nick appears - Faith told him she was moving someplace they can't visit and he figured it out. Adam says he gets a gold star. Nick tells Sharon this is a bad idea. Sharon says it's none of his business. Adam reminds him how much he's helped Sharon - where was he when the entire family turned against her? He accuses Nick of wanting Sharon to fall apart - he gets off on being a knight in shining armor. Sharon tells Nick she doesn't need him to do that anymore - Adam taught her how to be strong. Nick mentions the rehearsal dinner and leaves. Sharon tells Adam she's sorry...about the wedding. He quips that he's sure they'll invite him to the next one.

Lauren meets Michael at Crimson Lights. She says she's glad he and Fen made up. He wants them to put the past behind them as well. Michael asks Lauren to come back home - back to their bed - and tells her he resigned as D.A. Lauren still can't come home - she still has to work through what happened. Michael won't beg or apologize for trying to protecting his child. They argue heatedly and Lauren leaves.

Abby, Victoria, Billy, and Nick are at the ranch. Nikki and Victor talk about the doctor's visit. Victor suggests a toast. The doorbell ring - it's Adam. "Sorry I'm late." He has a wedding gift but tells Victor all of this will never be enough without Newman Enterprises. They tell him to get out. Later, Abby has to leave and Victor makes a toast about his love for Nikki with the others. Nikki faints.

Carmine spots Lauren storming into the Club and tries to comfort her in her suite. She tells him to stop but quickly gives in and they fall onto the bed half-dressed. Later, they've made love and Michael appears outside the door.

Adam returns home and Sharon learns he went to see Victor and it didn't go well.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael hammers on Lauren's suite door. She and Carmine are in the bed and look at each other.

Nick asks Victor why Nikki's not waking up.

Sharon tells Adam she shouldn't work at Newman anymore and she shouldn't live there with him.

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