Disastrous Relationship Contest.

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Lily and Cane make up, Lauren has regrets, and Billy plays doctor.

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At home, Michael tells Fen that Lauren still hasn't called back - she needs time. Fen says she needs her family. Fen thinks everything's hunky dory now so Lauren should be back. Michael goes to shower and Fen looks up a text with Lauren's room number at the Club and takes off. Paul arrives to check on Michael, who tells him he and Fen patched things up but he's still trying to give Lauren space. Paul tells him everything pointed to Fen being guilty, so not to be too hard on himself. Michael appreciates the support, but Lauren's entitled to her feelings.

At Jabot, Phyllis, Billy, and Jack banter about the name of the new fragrance - Scarlet Mist. Phyllis goes and Billy asks Jack if he's into Phyllis again because Nikki's getting married. Jack defends Phyllis. Billy says it never last with her. Jack leaves and Billy finds Phyllis. He warns her not to hurt his brother again. Phyllis asks if he wants to have a disastrous relationship contest. Billy concedes. She says she has no intention of hurting Jack and having him spiral back into addiction. Later, Phyllis tells Jack that Billy's just looking out for him.

Victoria is ill at home but assures Nikki by phone that everything will get done for the wedding. Vikki calls Billy and says everything is wrong. He soon arrives at home and holds his tie over his face when he sees her. Billy doesn't think she'll make the wedding. Vikki says she has to be there. Billy starts playing doctor. He makes her laugh and she starts coughing. He suggests a steamy shower together. Soon Vikki starts to feel better.

Abby's at Crimson Lights with Kyle and panics when Summer spots them. Summer asks Kyle if his offer to help her study's still good. Abby gives him a look. Kyle agrees. Summer steps away and Abby lectures Kyle about stringing her along. Abby feels that this isn't going to be good. Kyle joins Summer, who won't focus on work and asks about New York and freedom. He gives her sage advice about college. She beams at him.

Lily and Cane apologize to each other at home. Cane asks where she went last night. Lily says she went to the office. Cane asks if Tyler was there and if she cracked another bottle of wine with him. Lily says she was, and more tension ensues. They both admit they feel jealous. Cane asks her not to sleep in the guestroom next time. Lily says she can go in late and they start making out.

In her suite, Lauren wakes up beside Carmine, who says, "Hello beautiful." She tells Carmine that what happened was a mistake and won't happen again - she won't lose her family. Carmine assures her he'll keep their secret. Carmine showers and Lauren looks at her missed call notification. She makes him swear again not to tell anybody. Carmine goes and then there's a knock - it's Fen. He tells her he made up with Michael and now it's her turn.

Abby arrives at Jabot and walks in on a close moment between Jack and Phyllis again. Abby fills them in on her concerns about Kyle and Summer. Phyllis says it's probably just a crush and they shouldn't make a big deal out of it. Abby wishes she was this enlightened when she dated Daniel, and says they've been warned. Later, Summer shows up looking for an internship. He asks if it's because Kyle works there. She denies it and he smiles and hires her. Summer finds Kyle in the hall and tells him she got an internship. He gasps, "Here?" Kyle confronts Jack, who says she'll be occupied and he should make the boundaries clear.

Lauren runs into Phyllis at Crimson Lights and learns she's back with Jack. Phyllis talks about hurting him in the past and hopes one day they'll be as solid as her and Michael. Lauren says not everyone comes back from betrayal. They discuss Lauren and Michael's problems. Phyllis says there's nothing they can't get past and Lauren cries.

Abby chats with Carmine at the Club and realizes he's wearing his 'I got some' smile. She asks who was the unlucky woman. He says what happens in Carmine's bed, stays in Carmine's bed. Abby keeps bugging until Carmine walks off. Abby calls Alex.

Phyllis returns to Jack's office and learns of Summer's internship. Jack thinks it could be positive. Phyllis kisses him.

In her suite, Lauren listens to Michael's message and cries.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie tells Tyler if Neil thinks her life is in danger he's going to try to protect her.

Nick asks Wheeler who would want to get Avery off this case.

Dylan tells Sharon he never had much experience with kids until he went to Afghanistan. She asks if that's something he can talk about.

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