Sweet Dreams.

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Lauren's fantasy becomes real, Fen and Michael make up, and Lily and Cane argue.

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Michael answers a call at home and is disappointed it's not Lauren. Fen arrives - he's ready to talk, but is still angry Michael lead the charge against him. Michael can't explain his behavior, he feels maybe he panicked after Fen's uncharacteristic attitude toward Jamie. Fen can't understand why he bullied Jamie. "That kid almost died because of me. How could I have done that?" Fen vows to make it right with Jamie...and with Michael. Michael apologizes too. Fen blames himself for Lauren leaving. Michael explains why it's his fault, and says he resigned as D.A. to show them family means more. They hug. Fen suggests he call Lauren. Michael leaves another message to come back home.

At the Club, Lauren watches Carmine work. She goes up to her suite and talks briefly to Jill on the phone. Lauren then fantasizes about a shirtless Carmine taking her dress off. She goes down to the bar and tells him she doesn't want to complicate their friendship. She sips her wine - it's just what she needed. He knows. Carmine entertains her with a card trick. Lauren heads up for bed. "Sweet dreams." Upstairs, Lauren's in her dressing gown when Carmine arrives. She lets him in. He begins kissing her passionately without a word. They end up in bed having sex.

At Jabot, Lily asks Cane when he'll be done; they have to get home fast. She says the kids and dog are gone for the night and kisses him. He has a meeting but promises to hurry. After, Tyler enters. She tells him she's leaving - plans with Cane - and may be in late tomorrow.

In the darkening woods, Sharon pleads with Dylan to find Faith, who is shivering beside a rock.

At the tackhouse, Avery and Nick bicker about her going to Milwaukee. Nick decides he'll go with her. Avery is trying to dissuade him when Sharon calls about Faith. He tells Avery what's happening and they head out.

Cane meets Chelsea in his office. He tells her Chloe filled him in on her plans to leave. He warns it won't work for Neil. Cane reminds her he fought for her and wants an explanation. She tells him about Sharon moving in with Adam. Cane advises her to move on and focus on her career. Tyler notices them talking. After, Cane keeps confronting Chelsea until she hollers at him. He says that's the Chelsea he knows and urges her not to throw this opportunity away.

Nick locates Sharon in the woods and help her up, assuring her the security team is looking for Faith. Nearby, Dylan finds Faith who is sleeping and wakes her up. He gives her a kiss when she asks. They go to find Sharon.

Lily's got the house ready for romance. Tyler arrives with paperwork and mentions Cane being with Chelsea. Lily invites him to stay and talk shop - she'll work late like Cane. Later, Cane arrives and Tyler gets going. Lily and Cane argue heatedly about Chelsea and Tyler. Lily angrily tells Cane to finish the wine himself and leaves.

Back at the tackhouse, Faith is reunited with Nick and Sharon, and Avery makes coffee for the adults. Faith doesn't want Dylan to leave. He promises to see her tomorrow. Nick shakes Dylan's hand. Avery asks Dylan to take her to rent a car. Dylan and Nick bicker with her about her safety. After, Sharon and Nick read to Faith.

Lily finds Tyler at Jabot and he tells her she deserves better than how Cane is treating her. She just wants to work.

Chelsea works on designs in her suite and calls Cane to let him know she won't let Adam run her out of town - she's staying.

At the Club, Dylan hangs up from his dad and Avery gets them beer. They discuss his dad and mom, how much they liked Avery, and how much she liked them. Dylan says his dad thought they belonged together.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Lily says to Cane, "I just went back to the office." He asks, "Was Tyler there? Did you crack open another bottle of wine with him?"

Carmine tells Lauren she's beautiful. She looks upset.

Billy asks Jack if he's really this into Phyllis all of the sudden, or if it's because his ex is about to get married again.

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