Conspiracy Theories.

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Avery learns her brakes were cut, Victor threatens Wheeler, and Leslie opens up to Neil.

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Leslie's ready to open up to Neil at Jabot. He asks, "Tell me who Valerie is." She says Valerie is who she used to be - Tyler used to be Davis. Leslie tells him their father is in prison for murder - they wanted to erase the past to have a future. Neil asks why she's scared and how Wheeler figures in. She says he testified against her father and wants them to help keep their father in jail - but that would compromise their new identities. Neil asks why Wheeler testified. Leslie says the victim worked on his campaign. She tells Neil she testified too - she saw her father standing over the victim - her mother.

Chloe and Chelsea work on designs at Crimson Lights. Chloe groans about covering for Kevin and Eden who have the flu. Chelsea's pregnancy comes up. Chloe wonders if she has a plan to keep Adam from knowing he's a dad.

At the Club, Sharon fills Adam in on her house troubles. Adam says his offer to stay at his places still stands. Sharon says she can't - Nick might file for sole custody again. Adam says Nick should trust her even if he doesn't trust him - he shouldn't put Faith in the middle. Sharon is also not sure she can resist him, and worries the Chelsea just moved out. Adam promises he'd basically ignore her. She exclaims that she'll move in as Chelsea appears. She leaves unseen. Sharon tells Adam she and Faith are going hiking with Dylan. Adam's all for it.

At the tackhouse Avery tells Nick she's kept up maintenance on her car. Dylan enters and says it wasn't wear and tear - someone tampered with her brakes. Nick calls the police. Dylan asks Avery who could have done this to her. Nick wonders if it's about the case in Milwaukee. Dylan agrees - it might have been a warning. Avery says that means she's not wrong about her client. Dylan wonders who has a stake in it - it could be the real killer. Avery mentions Wheeler. Nick recalls Victor being involved. Avery says Leslie asked her about it too. Later, Sharon arrives to find the police there and learns what happened. Nick has gone to question Victor. Avery learns Dylan plans to hike with Faith and Sharon.

At the ranch, Victor looks at court documents about Avery's case. Nick arrives and grills Victor about Wheeler and his connection to Avery's case. Victor realizes Nick thinks Wheeler might be behind Avery's brakes being cut. They bicker about Victor's disregard for the little people. Victor tells Nick he'll take care of things but he wants something in return - Nick to be the best man at his wedding. After a frank exchange, Nick agrees.

Neil spots Wheeler at the Club and warns him to respect Leslie's decision not to testify at her father's hearing. Later, Victor arrives and tells Wheeler to leave town. Wheeler challenges him. Victor wonders what his voters would think of him as the father of an addict and prostitute. Adam enters as Wheeler leaves. Adam teases Victor, who tells him to enjoy his conspiracy theories.

Avery finds Leslie at Jabot and tells her about the brakes on her car and asks why she was so interested in her case. Neil arrives. Avery goes. Neil tells Leslie he told Wheeler to leave her alone.

Chelsea returns to the coffee house and rants to Chloe that Sharon's moving into her house. Chloe says he'd kick her out in a second, but Chelsea won't use the pregnancy. Chloe presses. Chelsea says her child would always come in behind Sharon and Newman - she needs to leave town. Chloe makes a case for her to stay - they're friends, she's an in-house designer, she hates running - but Chelsea can't be swayed; she has to go away. She leaves to check flights and Chloe calls someone for help.

In the woods, Dylan shows Faith and Sharon where a deer rubbed his antlers on a tree. They all bond over 'elf trees'. Sharon falls and hurts her ankle. Dylan rushes over. They realize Faith is gone.

Avery returns to meet Nick at the tackhouse. He says Victor will look into things. Avery says she has to go to Milwaukee. Nick says she can't. They bicker. She says it's a huge part of who she is.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan tells Sharon he'll go after Faith. She begs him to find her.

A shirtless Carmine tells Lauren, "Let me," and unties her robe.

Lily says to Tyler, "If Cane's going to work late tonight, then why shouldn't I?"

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