Senior Moment.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Jill accuses Adriana, Michael makes a decision, and Phyllis gives in to Jack.

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Michael arrives home and is alone. He leaves Lauren a message about missing them and tearfully says he wants to fix this.

Alex and Adriana argue in the lobby of the GCAC. He tells her he's done with her. She says she's got a job. He says great - that's one of them.

Christine and Paul discuss Jamie at home. Paul says he told Phyllis about Summer's role. Christine says Phyllis is a bad example and she'll pay in the civil suit. Michael arrives and tells Christine he's stepping down as D.A. if she wants the job. He fills her and Paul in on his home situation. They reassure him.

Abby enters Jack's office and senses she interrupted something between him and Phyllis. Phyllis says whatever she thinks she saw, she's mistaken. Abby awkwardly leaves.

At home, Jill asks Katherine about being forgetful lately. She calls Adriana a con artist and they bicker. Adriana arrives. Jill takes a call and Kay talks to Adriana about Alex. Katherine says she'll find a way to make amends. Later, Jill can't find her watch and blames Adriana.

At Crimson Lights, Fen tells Kevin he can't be around his dad and his mom moved out. Fen asks to stay with him. Kevin says they're staying at Katherine's and urges Fen to go home. They argue about Michael. Nearby, Alex calls the Genoa City police looking for a job. Kevin urges Fen to forgive Michael - he arrested him because he cares too much. Christine arrives and talks to Fen about Michael turning his life around. "Show him some compassion."

Kevin visits Michael at home and tells him Christine is with Fen. Michael says he's resigning. Kevin assures him Lauren will come back. After, Paul arrives with food to be supportive.

At the Abbott house, Jack assures Phyllis that Abby won't blab. He asks what's got her on edge. Phyllis talks about her family making her feel like the bad one, when Avery made the same mistake. Phyllis cries that Avery's right - she destroys everything good. Jack's seen her at her worst and isn't going anywhere. They kiss and go upstairs. Later, they eat and kiss.

At the Club, Lauren tells Carmine she's dining alone. He says whatever she wants tonight, just say the word. He asks her for a nightcap. She refuses and heads upstairs, but returns. She reminds him she's married. He gets it. As Lauren leaves the bar, Abby appears. She wants to start over. Carmine's not interested. She wonders if he's moved on with Lauren. Carmine says it's not her business.

Kevin arrives at the Chancellor Estate as Jill and Katherine are arguing about whether Adriana's a thief. Adriana spots the watch. After more arguing, Jill exits. After, Katherine remembers she moved the watch. Adriana shrugs off her senior moment - she'll keep her secret. Kevin listens and goes to phone Chloe to fill her in. He remarks on how easy it would be to steal things from there.

Alex approaches Michael at Crimson Lights for a detective job.

At home, Christine tells Paul she couldn't sue Phyllis if she was D.A. Paul suggests letting it go, but Christine muses about putting her behind bars as D.A. - sooner or later she'll break the law. Paul's proud she'll be D.A.

Alex spots Abby at the Club and joins her. Carmine shakes his head. Abby buys him a drink to celebrate him finding a job.

In her suite, Lauren fantasizes about Carmine.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Noah that Victor wants them all up at the main house tomorrow.

Summer issues an invitation to Kyle.

Victor summons Victoria, who is covered in paint, to the ranch as soon as possible - with Billy Boy.

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