Stop The Negativity.

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Phyllis argues with Avery, Cane and Lily have tension, and Adam moves on.

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At Avery's place, Nick talks to her about Nikki's MS. She offers support.

On the coffee house patio, Dylan recognizes Phyllis and asks if she remembers him. He says when she knew him he was a scrawny kid with braces and introduces himself. She learns he came looking for Avery and that he was around when Avery's marriage ended. Phyllis goes. Dylan leaves Avery a voicemail warning her.

Mason is at Jabot trying to get a job. Jack can't promise anything. Nearby, Tyler and Leslie quietly argue. He wants to tell the truth - that their slimebag father killed their mother. Leslie's worried about losing her law license and their father coming after them if Avery gets him out. She warns Tyler everyone around them would be in danger.

In Neil's office, Cane enlists Lily's help in getting him to agree to hear Chelsea's pitch. Lily grudgingly says it couldn't hurt. Cane ushers in Chloe, Chelsea, and Gloria. Jack appears and asks what Glo is doing there. Gloria admits to the girls they have a history. As the pitch gets underway, Cane and Chelsea exchange hopeful looks. Jack likes it but leaves the decision to Neil. Lily tells Neil there are plenty of other designers to see. Neil hires them. Chelsea tells Cane she couldn't have done this without him believing in her. Lily looks ticked. Tyler enters to help with marketing. Cane questions that decision with Neil. Lily tells Cane he should get past his issues with Tyler and let him do his job. Chelsea calls Cane over. Lily pulls Cane away and wonders why he can be friends with Chelsea, but she can't with Tyler. He says his concerns are based in reality, hers aren't. They bicker until Cane says they'll discuss it later. Tyler asks Lily if she's okay. Chelsea notices Cane watching them.

At the Club, Adam tells Sharon he's glad to see her so happy. They discuss Chelsea. Adam says he's decided to move on. They joke about Sharon taking the morning off and Adam kisses her goodbye. Nick approaches Sharon. "You and Adam? Seriously?" She asks him to remain calm and rational. Nick goes on about her poor choices and complains that she hired Dylan. Sharon laughs at him not wanting his girlfriend's ex around. Nick says Dylan and Adam will hurt her recovery. Sharon says to stop the negativity and informs him she'll date and hire whoever she wants - he needs to deal with that.

Mason asks Adam for his job back at Newman. Adam offers it if he will tell him about Victor and Wheeler. Mason doesn't know anything. Adam tells him he's out of luck and shouldn't have screwed him over. Nick appears, saying anyone who screws over Adam can work for him. Mason goes. Nick tells Adam to back off Sharon. Adam reminds Nick he abandoned Sharon and called her crazy while he was trying to get her help. Nick warns him again. Adam's tired of his threats. Nick says it's not a threat.

Dylan and Sharon make renovation plans at her place. Sharon learns Dylan is close with his dad, but his mom died. Sharon wonders if he talks to Sullivan about her. Dylan asks where she heard that name. Sharon tells him. Dylan takes off abruptly. Adam arrives, checks out the kitchen plans, and tells Sharon about Nick's visit. They joke about him being cartoonish. Adam invites her to move in while her kitchen's being done. "I know what I want. Do you know what you want?" They kiss passionately.

Phyllis stops by Avery's apartment to let her know she ran into Dylan. Avery admits to the affair. Phyllis calls her a hypocrite for judging her and not telling her she'd made the same mistake. They argue about Nick. Avery says he knows everything about Dylan and he was done with Phyllis before they got together. Phyllis wonders how long until Avery's cheating on Nick. Avery says she learns from her mistakes, Phyllis repeats hers. Phyllis says they'll see who cheats first and leaves. Dylan arrives. He realizes he's making her life difficult. She wants to know his plans. He says Genoa City's a pretty cool place. Later, Avery fills Nick in on her battle with Phyllis. They hug.

At the Club, Neil brings up Wheeler to Leslie and asks, "Who's Valerie?" She freaks out and storms off.

At the Club bar, Dylan flashes back to Sullivan dying and cringes.

Phyllis rants to Jack at Jabot. He doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him he's lucky to have a supportive family. He says she's part of that. "You always have a home here." Phyllis kisses him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill says to Adriana, "Give it back you little thief?" Adriana asks, "Give what back?"

Michael visits Christine at Paul's and asks if she's found a new job yet; he's got one for her if she's interested - District Attorney.

Carmine tells Lauren, "Whatever you want, just say the word."

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